Paul Tudor Jones Surprisingly Invests in Bitcoins

George Soros’s former adviser, Takeshi Fujimaki, is not astonished that Paul Jones believes in bitcoin investments

Around the time when Paul Jones first made his intention about investing in Bitcoins known, most players in the crypto market went agog. In fact, he was congratulated by so many crypto traders who believed he was taking a positive step.

However, Takeshi Fujimaki was calm in the entire event because for him, he was not surprised that Paul Jones was taking that step. He knew Paul was capable of doing that considering the current inflation rate.

Before now, Fujimaki was a known opponent of Haruhiko Kuroda, the governor of the Bank of Japan. His opposition to the Bank of Japan Governor fetched him the nickname, “Kuroda foe.” Kuroda and Paul Jones were friends during the days when Kuroda used to trade. Fujimaki made a statement:

“Louis Bacon, George Soros, Paul Tudor…I often talked to them on the phone, met them in person and discussed many things,  those folks have similar mentality. They look at the long term and capture a big trend. Paul Tudor’s joining the world of crypto assets means he takes inflation concerns in the world seriously and believes crypto asset thrives in such circumstance” 

Fujimaki expressed concerns about where monies released by the central bank eventually end up. In his opinion, it is a necessity to convert some to bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Paul Tudor Jones is the one that established Tudor Investment Corporation. He said he started thinking about Bitcoin since May as a result of monetary inflation. He has joined other proponents of bitcoin in asserting that investing in bitcoin helps to beat the effect of inflation.

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