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ParsPack is Iran-based hosting company. They offer the following services: VPS, Dedicated Server, SSL. Their servers are placed in next locations: Tehran, Frankfurt am Main, Amsterdam. 100% of user reviews who used ParsPack are positive.

Pars Pack cloud services

The first provider of cloud computing services in Iran
Macro server

A macro server is a special product designed to receive the highest quality hardware. When you need powerful hardware for your server, macroservers provide the hardware resources you need.
Hybrid server

Hybrid servers are a new and advanced generation of dedicated servers that come with a powerful cloud panel. In hybrid servers, in addition to providing standalone hardware, special hardware features are also considered.
Cloud Server

With super-servers, you can select and install the server with your desired operating system in a few minutes, and freely add the hardware resources you want to your server at any time, and pay only for the resources required by the server.
Download host

Many download site administrators or sites with high traffic to share their files often face problems such as high infrastructure costs or high consumption of hardware resources. Therefore, by introducing download hosting space for this group of users, Parsupak has predicted a suitable product.
Cloud hosting

In cloud hosting, unlike a shared hosting, high-traffic sites can easily use hosting services without having to worry about server management. You will always only pay for the amount of hardware resources you need and you will no longer need to pay unjustified fees at the beginning of your website.

SERVER LOCATIONS: Tehran,  Frankfurt am Main,  Amsterdam

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