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ParsCMS is Iran-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting. Their servers are placed in Iran.

Use of the data center Valid: Data Center (storage servers) direct role and influence of a very high quality of service to the site to connect to the backbone oc192 makes high speed access sites can also connect to 6 backbone the increase Access time to sites (uptime).

Using licensed software: Data Varzan Company, unlike many licensed hosting companies, has purchased software installed on the server, so there is always the ability to use the latest version of them. This plays an important role in increasing server security.

Quick support: You can get answers to your questions and problems in the shortest time in Dadeh Varzan Company, also through yahoo! messenger You can have direct contact with experienced support professionals

Weekly backup: All site information, including uploaded information, emails and databases, is backed up on a weekly basis and these backups are transferred to a server located in one of Canada’s data centers.

Providing application isolation mode: Unlike the vast majority of hosting companies, Data Varzan Company offers a dedicated application pool to each website. This possibility causes each website to run in an isolated environment and other websites affect the performance of the site. Do not have. This feature drastically reduces the number of websites a hosting company can host on a single server, which is why most hosts disable this feature to reduce costs. But it makes the website very secure and also does not interfere with the processing of other websites.

The high-speed servers of Dadeh Varzan Company are a good place for your site. Currently, Data Varzan Company is equipped with several dedicated servers, all servers are in the United States and Canada. The most important features of them are the following:

-Placement on high-speed fiber optic lines (oc level)
-Compliance with international standards
-Use hardware and software firewalls to increase security
-Back up all data automatically and weekly on Canadian servers
-24-hour monitoring
-Multi-server load balanced structure


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