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Panxora is a cryptocurrency exchange that originates from Hong Kong. At first, they started as First Global Credit but soon changed the name after they discovered more grounds to conquer.

Trading: Real Crypto Trading
Cryptos: BTC, ETH, ETC, OMG, IAG
Trading Fees: Taker Fee: 0.20%, Maker Fee: 0.10%
Leverage: none

Panxora has done a lot to alleviate poverty and one of the ways they have adopted is by allowing traders to use their funds to support other assets so that they can share in the profits that will be made. They also help you to save the crypto you have from losing its value by providing a platform to move them out and in depending on market fluctuation. They also traded stocks in large numbers.

Today, these other functions gone so that cryptocurrency trading can progress. When your money is removed to avoid a reduction in price following a drop I the value of the cryptocurrency (Bitcoin for example), other traders are using it so it does not really affect you.

Panxora is also doing well by adding new cryptocurrencies almost every week. These include the OMG, ETC, ETH, XAI and IAG