AxieInfinity: review game and token AXS, advantages and disadvantages
If you ask NFT experts what game is currently breaking all records of popularity, then you will be answered with 100% probability that it is AxieInfinity.
AlienWorlds: review game and token TLM, advantages and disadvantages
AlienWorlds is a fast growing blockchain game. In the ecosystem you can mine the in-game token TLM and trade various NFTs. Some users manage to earn up
Crypto Services
DEXTools review, advantages and disadvantages
DEXTools (DEXT) positions itself on a market as a popular analytics service that provides data on all DEX and DeFi markets. The system makes it possible
Compound: review token COMP and project, advantages and disadvantages
Compound is positioned as a decentralized lending platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is developed as an ecosystem for borrowing and lending
Aave: token and platform review, advantages and disadvantages
Aave is a popular DeFi protocol that makes it possible to borrow and lend cryptocurrencies and tokens at interest. The name of the platform comes from
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CoinBase Wallet review, advantages and disadvantages
Known first as Toshi following its launch, Coinbase wallet does not use custodial services for any reason. Instead, private keys are saved straight to
Crypto Wallets
Metamask review, advantages and disadvantages
There is a possibility that you have seen Metamask on one of those occasions when you tried to access a DeFi app. In case this is your first time, just