Crypto Exchanges
ZB com review, benefits and drawbacks
In recent years, Chinese authorities have a negative attitude to cryptocurrencies and crypto-exchanges but this does not prevent new websites from becoming popular.
Crypto Exchanges
Digifinex review, benefits and drawbacks
Digifinex project was launched on February 28, 2018, when the cryptocurrencies were gaining momentum. Low trading commission (0.2%) and the nonmandatory
Crypto Exchanges
Bibox review, benefits and drawbacks
Bibox is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, which was established in 2017. Since the moment of its creation, it has shown an active growth in trading volumes
Crypto Exchanges
Binance review, benefits and drawbacks
Binance cryptocurrency exchange was launched in 2017 and managed to take the lead in the field. Now it is one of the ten largest cryptocurrency exchanges
Yearn Finance: review token YFI and project, advantages and disadvantages
Yearn Finance gives access to a whole ecosystem of DeFi Ethereum based protocols. The alfa version of the protocol was released in summer of 2020.
What is Axie and how to play AxieInfinity
Axies are the main NFT objects in the game called AxieInfinity. They are virtual creatures similar to Pokemon, which are bred by the game participants.
Trillium (TLM) coin is used as the Alien Worlds metaverse in-game token.
Alien Worlds is a good example of a full-fledged game product built within the framework of the metaverse concept. This ecosystem, created by experienced
SLP and AXS tokens and digital real estate
The popular NFT game AxieInfinity is literally blowing up the entire crypto market today. Bringing big money to its creators, this project already overtakes
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PooCoin review, advantages and disadvantages
PooCoin is a very authentic startup that runs on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The very name of the platform speaks for itself. Creators literary
Make money at AxieInfinity: how much you can earn?
You can make money at AxieInfinity in a variety of ways. First of all you can win the battles and get the victory bonuses. Also you can breed and sell Axies.