Pabbly Email marketing platform review, pabbly-com advantages and disadvantages

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Pabbly is a cloud-based web-service designed to simplify creating and managing Email-marketing campaigns. This software offers a whole range of tools for organizing professional e-marketing and subscription management. Basic tools available to users include email constructor, form builder and a special service named Pabbly Connect, which integrates with hundreds of popular applications. In addition, developed API infrastructure and integrated SMTP server are provided to optimize system performance.

Pabbly-com offers several tariff plans you can pay with your credit card for. There is also a free service suite with limited functionality that you can use right now.


Pabbly provides a fairly extensive toolkit for organizing and managing email campaigns. Below are five basic options that make this platform special.

Advanced e-marketing

Pabbly customers have access to a user-friendly email builder and a large selection of pre-installed templates, each of which is a professional design development. Users will also appreciate the free SMTP server, which provides effective mass messaging to the contact list. But the most interesting feature of advanced marketing is full integration with dozens of SMTP servers, including Gmail, Amazon SES, Mailgun and others. This ensures an unprecedentedly high message delivery rate.

Also, the Pabbly functionality lets you monitor in detail the statistics of mail messages opening, clicking on links, refusals, unsubscribes and other activity. The administration of the advertising campaign has access to information about user engagement, which is important for assessing the effectiveness of the campaign and the audience’s interest.

Pabbly has a decent implementation of the option to automate marketing processes. Pre-scheduling campaigns and emails, automated welcome emails and more are available. In more detail, all the functions and algorithms for working with those tools can be studied in a detailed guide, which is published on

Email confirmation

Pabbly has a very important tool for creating effective marketing campaigns. This is a mailing address confirmation system. Its essence consists in pinging addresses from the contact list in order to verify their authenticity. Special software pings addresses to check the availability of a particular user. The system uses a slow ping rate to avoid receiving incorrect data or refusing a request from the Email server. As a result, the likelihood of false sendings is minimized, as is the sending of messages to mail intended for all letters sent to non-existent addresses of a specific domain.

This tool automatically filters out addresses with:

  • Incorrect email syntax;
  • Inactive or invalid domain.

In addition, the system removes all duplicate addresses.

Subscription billing

This feature of Pabbly-com helps manage customer subscriptions, make recurring payments and fully organize billing. Reliable API integration lets you create user-friendly subscription and billing forms. The user can also integrate custom checkout pages and autofill user data into subscriptions and payment forms.

Pabbly software opens the door to one-stop payment collection across multiple payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal and Razorpay. The system is capable of accepting payments in several world currencies at once, such as Euro, US Dollar and Indian Rupee. An important plus is the integrated tax management system, which is configured individually for each country. Pabbly makes it possible to create coupons, discounts, free subscriptions and other loyalty program components to stimulate customers.

The functionality of the program also includes such features as:

  1. Support for recurring and one-time subscriptions;
  2. Billing followed by payment tracking and invoicing;
  3. Creating subscription plans;
  4. Client interface for managing payments and subscriptions;
  5. Managing through an affiliate management system.

In addition, the system provides detailed sales analytics with monitoring indicators such as monthly income, average revenue per user, unsubscription rate and much more.

Form constructor

Pabbly Form Builder is a special constructor that lets you create any online forms for your websites and Emails. It is a standard Drag & Drop editor with the option of adding and customizing any functional block. The user can access not only the settings of visual elements, but also the choice of currency and payment gateways. Forms created with Pabbly Form Builder integrate easily with popular CMS and Google Sheet service.


Pabbly Connect is an app sync service that integrates with payment gateways, CRM, social media and video messengers. At the moment, the service is compatible with just under 400 applications. Among the most popular there are Microsoft Office, Google Apps and Facebook. The advantage of Pabbly Connect is that the integration does not require any special programming knowledge. The user just needs to select a suitable application, install filters and perform basic configuration. In addition, you can always ask support for help.


Pabbly offers paid plans under the following terms.


  • Price: $ 29 per month;
  • Price (if paid for the year): $ 24 per month;
  • Subscribers limit: 5.000 Emails.


  • Price: $ 49 per month;
  • Price (if paid for the year): $ 41 per month;
  • Subscribers limit: 15,000 Emails.


  • Price: from $ 99 to $ 1599 per month;
  • Price (if paid for the year): from $ 83 to $ 1333 per month;
  • Subscriber limit: from 50,000 to 1,000,000 Emails.

All paid plans include the following features:

  • Drag & Drop constructor;
  • Third party SMTP connection;
  • MX update;
  • Built-in SMTP;
  • Built-in email templates;
  • Letters Import;
  • Unlimited custom field;
  • Marketing automation;
  • Mail personalization;
  • List management;
  • 2x opening rate;
  • Improved customer engagement;
  • Automatic tracking system;
  • Subscription forms;
  • Autoresponders;
  • SMTP routing;
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Zapier;
  • Email and live chat support.


Pabbly is a competitive offering in the email marketing niche. Convenience, flexibility and high integration of this software product determined its success in the market. In turn, powerful analytics attracts professional marketers who actively use Pabbly to realize projects of any complexity.

Still, the key advantage of Pabbly-com is its loyal pricing policy and the availability of a free tariff plan. You can evaluate the capabilities of the platform right now by going through the registration procedure on the website.

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