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P2PB2B is one of the most popular European exchanges, which is registered in Estonia – a country that has become an oasis for everyone who wants to invest in cryptographic assets legally. Date of the official launch of P2PB2B is January 2018. Over one year, the platform has managed to achieve considerable results. The daily trading volume on the exchange is more than 500 000 000 USD, which makes it the largest platform in Europe (2019).
P2PB2B exchange handles up to 10,000 transactions per second. This indicates the convenience for day-traders – the main profit generators. For fast traders, the speed of transactions is extremely important.

Signing up on p2pb2b-com

If you plan on working on the p2pb2b-com official website, you need to sign up first. You will be offered to enter a contact email address, create a complex password, agree to the privacy policy and click on the “Sign up” button. After confirming your email address (you will be sent a special code) you will get access to your account.

Overview of the main sections

The working interface of the exchange is laconic and intuitive for both new and professional traders. At the top of the page, there is a special menu with a couple of subsections:

  • Trading. By default, after logging in to the personal account, a user will be in this submenu. Here you can see the asset price chart, trading history, available currency pairs, interactive forms for opening orders, and other trading tools.
  • Exchange. Interface for quick cryptocurrency exchange at the market rate. You only need to select the currency and click on the green button, confirming the exchange operation.
  • Balances. Here you can see all coins stored in your accounts or frozen in trading orders. To deposit or withdraw funds, click the appropriate buttons next to the currency you are interested in.
  • Codes. It is a special section for creating unique codes that allow you to make transactions between different accounts registered on the exchange.
  • Orders. This submenu contains all current users’ orders indicating the time, pair, type, price, quantity, and status of the order execution.
  • Support. For convenient communication of customers with the support service, the website provides a ticket system that allows you to track the progress of your issue in the interactive cabinet.
  • TokenSale. A relatively new section on the website. To open access to it, a user must go through the KYC procedure.
  • Airdrop. This section is experimental. It presents airdrop projects. At the time of writing, only the Garuda Token is active.
  • Besides, the top menu provides a button to switch the interface to night mode.


The availability of trading and sound liquidity of the traded assets makes P2PB2B a universal cryptocurrency platform that supports most of the popular coins, as well as small but promising altcoins. The platform management aims to provide a wide range of investors with the opportunity to trade the most popular crypto assets without going beyond the legal field.

P2PB2B has set trading fees for the execution of the transaction at the rate of 0.20% for takers and makers. This tariff can be estimated as the average in the industry. As for money withdrawal, P2PB2B has set individual fees for each currency. In particular, P2PB2B charges 0,0012 BTC upon withdrawal of bitcoin on the third-party wallet, which is an average level for the industry.
One can deposit to a trading account of P2PB2B by bank transfer. You cannot replenish your account with a credit card. In this case, the exchange does not charge a fee for the incoming transaction.


Although the P2PB2B exchange cannot boast a high level of security and competitively low fees, it has become one of the most popular exchanges. To date, it is among the top 50 leading cryptocurrency platforms in terms of trading volumes. This is one of the most famous Estonian exchanges, the activities of which are licensed by the national regulator. Users are willing to pay commissions for a high level of trust on the part of users, one hundred percent legality of transactions, and a user-friendly interface. P2PB2B deserves the attention of traders, especially those who plan to make long-term investments in cryptographic assets on proven European websites.

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