Over 12,500 Contestants Show Their Skills in ByBit’s 200 BTC Trading Competition

Someone is going to emerge as the best.

A trading platform for crypto futures, Bybit, has started a trading contest where one out of the thousands contesting in the World Series of Trading (WSOT) will be the overall winner.

The competition is going to last for another one week plus five days. There are 12,368 contestants at the moment going for the total prize of 200 BTC. This is approximately $2.4 million.

The contest was launched in July and the plan is to have it twice per year. It will run till the end of August.

There are two interests in the game—the solo USDT and the BTC Troop. The solo USDT trade requires participants to get the best profit with a minimum risk while trading Bybit’s Bitcoin USDT.

Unlike the solo USDT category where participants compete individually, Bybit’s Bitcoin USD requires team work. The team with the best profit and loss wins and there will also be a check on every individual’s profit in each group.

At the moment, Junki84 is coming first with a profit of 2.800% in relation to individual performances on profit and loss. The current winner in the Bybit’s Bitcoin USD category is W.T.C having accumulated the best profit and loss ratio of 437%. There are still opportunities for changes though.

Some famous people have joined the competition and they include Jason Appleton who is a known YouTube user and Doug Polk who is known for his exploits in poker.

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