The Tale Of Osaku – NFT based RPG game based on the ETH Blockchain, osaku price


If you want to join role playing game in full of dragons and adventures Metaverse, you should buy OSAKU token, the main currency to buy in-game artifacts, dragons and lands. Take your part in building of game economy, monitor the osaku price and feel free to join the friendly community. This community consists of rich investors, team partners and contributors.

Begin your adventure in the dragon lands metaverse with The Tale of Osaku crypto

OSAKU is the ERC-20 smart contract which was created bo some talanted develloppers from the DeFi space. To start playing you need to know where you can get The Tale of Osaku crypto:

• Open or create your metamask wallet

• Deposit some ETH (ERC-20)

• Visit Uniswap website to purchase $OSAKU coin

• Set 6-14% slippage and continue to swap process

OSAKU token airdrop and main project Roadmap

Marketplace and osaku token airdop for holders

– DAPP upgraded website, integration of new wallet

– Twitter and YouTube as partners and crypto influencers

– Released new design for Marketplace

– Launch of OSAKU Marketplace


– Verification and launching the OSAKU contract on Uniswap service

– Articles on the leading forums – Yahoo Finance & Medium

– Detailed information about Metaverse Land

– V2 Roadmap official release


Whole OSAKU land is set for airdropping among coin holders. Ammount of the actual land you get, depends on how much crypto you are holding at the momnet of airdrop.

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