Ontraport CRM and marketing system review, ontraport-com advantages and disadvantages

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Ontraport is one of the most successful hybrids of CRM and marketing automation systems. The functionality of this platform includes not only traditional e-marketing tools, but also a landing page builder, powerful analytical capabilities and a full-fledged e-commerce system. It provides everything that you need to automate business processes and scale any commercial project. This product will be of interest to both large businesses looking for the maximum set of capabilities, and small startups looking for flexible and inexpensive solutions.

Ontraport-com provides access to its products for a fee. There are no free tariff plans. However, you can take advantage of the 14-day trial period to test all its tools. If the product suits you, you can pay for it by credit card.


Ontraport is a whole range of products for automation and business management of any scale. Among them there are:

  1. CRM;
  2. Marketing automation;
  3. Page and form constructor;

Each of the categories has its own unique toolkit, which we will analyse in detail below.


As the official website ontraport.com informs, the system offers a convenient tool for storing, displaying and interacting with the customer base. Flexibility and easy customization make Ontraport a unique offering among CRMs. Experts note the following features of this tool:

  • Automatic additional client information collecting. The system tracks every visit to web pages, clicks on links, filling out forms, making purchases, and also extracts valuable information during a phone call and much more.
  • Convenient team management. The system lets the administrator develop the optimal format for interacting with the team and relieve the burden of routine from employees by automating a whole range of processes.
  • Corporate e-marketing platform. By integrating marketing tools with CRM, all valuable data is synchronized, making the lead management process simple.
  • These opportunities do not end with closing a deal, but extend to all subsequent processes, such as delivering a product, concluding a new deal or engaging a new customer.
  • Multi-threaded information retrieval system. This innovation lets you track data flows from different sources and organize them in a single interface. You can create as many threads as you like.
  • Customizable processes of any complexity. In addition to basic functions such as storing and managing contacts and deals, Ontraport makes it possible to create new types of records, establishing a connection between them and automating individual processes.

Form and page builder

This tool lets you create high-quality forms and landing pages for effective interaction with your target audience. Among the features of the Ontraport-com builder, it should be noted such as:

  • Targeting marketers needs. It’s not just about beautiful web pages, but about selling landing pages with high conversion rates. The same goes for online forms that are geared towards encouraging target audiences to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Deep personalization. The system lets you customize pages and forms as much as possible for each individual client, taking into account his unique shopping experience.
  • Identification of all visitors. Ontraport clearly tracks who visited the landing page, making it easier to turn a casual visitor into a regular customer.
  • UTM tag constructor. This tool lets you more accurately track sources of leads and make informed business decisions based on this information.
  • Flexible publishing options. You can publish information on Ontraport domains or on custom domains with SSL encryption. Convenient integration with WordPress is also provided.
  • Hiding pages for selected audiences. You can configure access only to the audience that you are potentially interested in.
  • Payment gateways integration. The system lets you insert payment directly into the order form on the landing page through popular payment systems.


The Ontraport payment system has a number of advantages that make it special. First, you can integrate almost any payment gateway. Secondly, complex payment options are available to the user. It is possible to connect such options as upselling or a one-time offer. In addition, you can test different options, choosing the most profitable. An important thing is that the service has a PCI certification level, which lets you manage customer credit cards by charging a fee in accordance with the agreed terms.

Marketing automation

Ontraport greatly simplifies work with clients by automating most of the business processes. Among the clear advantages of this toolkit it is worth noting:

  1. Enhanced customer data for more accurate segmentation and increased efficiency of promotional communication;
  2. Flexible configuration of advertising campaigns with complex automation systems and pre-tested templates;
  3. Full integration with all communication channels (Email, SMS and phone calls);
  4. Effective lead sources tracking, followed by marketing personalization to drive conversions;
  5. Informative reports of Campaign Performance Mode for maximum understanding of the advertising campaign effectiveness;
  6. Unique message delivery infrastructure to minimize SPAM hits and failed submissions.


Ontraport offers 4 tariff plans on the terms below.


  • Price: $ 79 per month;
  • Contact limit: 1,000;
  • User account limit: 1;
  • Unlimited emails.


  • Price: $ 147 per month;
  • Contact limit: 2.500;
  • User account limit: 2;
  • Unlimited emails;
  • Assistance in launching (2 free calls);
  • E-commerce option.

●     Plus

  • Price: $ 297 per month;
  • Contact limit: 10.000;
  • User account limit: 3;
  • Unlimited emails;
  • Assistance in launching (2 free calls);
  • E-commerce option;
  • Email Consulting.


  • Price: $ 497 per month;
  • Contact limit: 20.000;
  • User account limit: 5;
  • Unlimited emails;
  • Assistance in launching (2 free calls);
  • E-commerce option;
  • Email consulting;
  • VIP support.

You can get acquainted with a detailed comparison of all offered service packages in the corresponding section of the Ontraport official website.


Ontraport is a powerful set of tools for interacting with the customer base and establishing effective communication through channels such as Email, SMS and phone. Despite the rather high tariffs for the basic plan, versatility and convenience cover the price. If you’re looking for a perfect CRM with an integrated landing page builder and powerful marketing tools, you will appreciate Ontraport-com.

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