Online Movie Festival in South Korea Will be Successful with Blockchain

People that take part in the activity will be given free tokens

Gyeonggi Film School is planning a film festival that will start in a couple of weeks. It will run from September 25 and end on October 4. Not too long ago, the organizers of the festival sealed a deal with MovieBloc which will help to distribute the movies on its blockchain platform.

Fn News reported that viewers will be able to say how good or bad the movies are as they watch them. They will be encouraged to give their honest reports with some token rewards. Another way to get tokens during the event is by providing help with subtitles in a language different from the one on the movie.

This is the first time a movie festival will be taking place online. It was brought about by the corona virus pandemic and may remain so afterwards. The CEO of MovieBloc, Yeon-kyung, wishes this online approach “can coexist with domestic and international film festivals and the film industry.”

Last month, some people came together to put 15 video clips into an Ethereum blockchain NFT.

Contributors to the event benefited anytime one was sold. The Gyeonggi Film School also has a plan to do something like this for their movie festival.

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