Omnisend ecommerce platform review, omnisend-com advantages and disadvantages

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Omnisend is positioned as a multi-channel e-commerce platform for automating business communication with customers. The developers are headquartered in London. At the same time, the platform itself is focused on the entire English-speaking web segment. The system currently includes seven main marketing channels: Email, SMS, Facebook and Google Ads retargeting, Push notifications, WhatsAPP and Facebook Messenger.

Omnisend-com offers both free and paid tariff plans. You can pay for the services using a credit card. Prices are calculated in USD.


Omnisend is a highly functional tool. Below are the key features of this software.

Visual editor

A simple and intuitive visual email editor offers a large collection of functional blocks and built-in options, which lets you create letters of any content for any purpose. The platform has pre-installed templates that you can customize for your tasks. You can also create your own templates from scratch by customizing the arrangement of functional blocks, their content and design elements. According to reviews, the capabilities of the Omnisend visual editor are in no way inferior to those of competitors.

The only drawback of this tool is the lack of a full-fledged HTML editor. This limits the possibilities for more flexible letters customization.


High integration with CMS is one of the Omnisend main advantages. You can embed platform elements in almost any website without even having any special knowledge of web-building. Omnisend-com can also integrate with a variety of third-party applications and services that significantly enhance the platform’s functionality.


Omnisend provides a deep analytical tool for discovering Email-campaign statistical data. When it comes to SMS campaigns and Facebook Messenger, the analytical tools are much more scarce. At the same time, all analytics are placed in a single interface, which allows you to compare the effectiveness of individual traffic channels. In general, this functionality is sufficient for a beginner marketer.

Web forms

Omnisend provides clients with a rich and high-quality toolkit for creating target audience capture forms. Moreover, the library of available formats is not limited to standard subscription forms. There are pop-ups, banners and lots of other options for compiling subscribers. Omnisend users can deeply customize a form’s appearance, notification time and place. There are plenty of parameters for setting up, which is confirmed by active users. Omnisend offers everything for effective lead generation.

In addition to forms, Omnisend gives the opportunity to design high-quality landing pages. There are also very specific and exotic features, such as the “wheel of fortune”, which can be used as an element to stimulate the subscriptions list increasing.

Segmentation and automation

Omnisend-com makes it possible to deeply segment your subscriber base, distributing users by such parameters as purchase history, personal data, email experience. There are many filtering options. In particular, you can set triggers and tags for individual contacts.


Omnisend offers 4 pricing plans that can be billed monthly or annually in advance. Terms of service suites are presented below.


  • Price: $ 0 per month
  • Email limit: 15,000 emails per month;
  • Omnisend branding;
  • Segmentation: 5 segments;
  • Collecting contact data;
  • Customers life cycle stages;
  • Retention analytics;
  • Live viewing: 1 month;
  • Web tracking data history: 1 month;
  • Number of active registration forms: 3;
  • Exit-intent forms;
  • Custom targeting and timing;
  • TCPA and GDPR;
  • Popups;
  • Registration forms;
  • Landing pages;
  • Discount coupons;
  • Product content block;
  • Email templates;
  • Image editor;
  • Sales reporting;
  • Benchmarks;
  • Campaign reports;
  • Click maps;
  • Audience growth statistics;
  • Registration reports;
  • Number of users: 2;
  • Integration with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Zapier, Shopify Flow;
  • API access;
  • Live Chat Tidio.


  • Price: from $16 per month;
  • Email limit: 12x list;
  • SMS / MMS;
  • Email / SMS automation;
  • Pre-installed and custom e-commerce scenarios;
  • Custom events limit: 100;
  • Automation sections;
  • Split testing;
  • Conditional content blocks;
  • Disabling branding;
  • Segmentation: 20 segments;
  • Live views: 3 months;
  • Web tracking data history: 3 months;
  • Number of accounts: 3;
  • Unlimited number of active registration forms;
  • Unlimited number of additional fields;
  • Campaign Booster;
  • SMS campaigns;
  • Wheel of Fortune;
  • Product recommendations;
  • Product picker;
  • Gift box;
  • Scratch cards;
  • Customer feedback;
  • Automation reports;
  • 24/7 email and live chat support;
  • Automatic Facebook page posting;
  • Integration with Smile, LoyaltyLion, Yotpo, ReCharge, AfterShip, ShipStation, Intercom,


  • Price: from $ 99 per month;
  • Email limit: 15x list;
  • Live views: 6 months;
  • Web tracking data history: 6 months;
  • Segmentation: 50 segments;
  • Free SMS credits;
  • Web push notifications;
  • Facebook Custom Audiences;
  • Google email lists;
  • Automation of push notifications;
  • Custom events: 200;
  • Personalized recommendations;
  • Domain signature SPF / DKIM;
  • Priority support;
  • Dedicated Account Manager: 15 active contacts;
  • Integration with Gorgias, CartHook, EasyShip;
  • Advanced reports: 6 months;
  • Segment reports;
  • Number of accounts: 5.


  • Price: individual;
  • Unlimited custom events;
  • Live Views: 18 months;
  • Web tracking data history: 18 months;
  • Advanced reports: 18 months;
  • Number of accounts: unlimited;
  • User logs and on-demand auditing.


Omnisend is a great tool with a very specific set of features. Searching for a powerful e-marketing software solution, you can safely give preference to this easy-to-use and fairly functional software. If you limit your activities on the platform only to Email and SMS, then the price will be more than democratic. But if you decide to expand the toolkit, you will have to pay more than you could expect. In any case, you have the opportunity to test the platform’s capabilities in a trial mode going through the registration procedure right now.

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