Ojooo.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Ojooo.com Review


At Ojooo.com you get paid just for browsing advertisers’ websites. You can cashout Manually and the minimum payout amount is $2.00. PAYING


  • more ads to click
  • low minimum payout -2$
  • active rented referrals


  • High minimum payout – The first is 2$ but after that is 6$
  • You need to click 4 ads to receive your referrals earnings the next day
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105 Days

Minimum Cashout:

Referral Program:

Ojooo.com, based in Germany, was created by Michael Thees in March 2013. The society also exploits mails, researches, hotels business and various other services. The PTC is their latest project. PTC Ojooo has to his side an unique conception with great communication and various adc from business to technology, going by many other domains, with well known societies in them.

Ojooo.com is an amazing website, able to make you earn more than other PTC. Why ? Because the cost to advertise is very cheap, so you gain faster. Renting referrals are very profitable here The upgrade to premium+ is only 39$ for a year, getting you between 30 and 35 ads per day, and the rented referrals is between 0.06 and 0.15$/day.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be viewed as an endorsement of any of the services mentioned. Please do your own research before considering investing any funds. You should never make an investment into any online program if you do not know what you are doing.

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Ojooo.com Review