Nutshell CRM platform review, nutshell-com advantages and disadvantages

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Nutshell CRM is an American customer relationship management platform adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. The system offers easy-to-use, but sufficiently functional tools that are able to optimize the business processes of any company.

The sales automation and email marketing system offered by the Nutshell-com developers is popular among both newbies and experienced managers. Unlimited data storage removes any barriers to business growth, giving sales managers and marketers maximum opportunities. At the same time, the system easily integrates with popular third-party services such as Slack, Mailchimp, Gmail, Google G Suite, Microsoft Office, Constant Contact and many others. All this makes it the most flexible and adaptable to the needs of any industry niche.

Today Nutshell CRM is offered in two paid tariff plans. You can pay for a subscription to the service using a credit card or PayPal. The company also provides a 14-day trial period, during which the user can evaluate all the pros and cons of CRM in practice.


Among the key Nutshell CRM features the expert community notes the following points:

  1. Convenient sales automation system. This function lets you create your own sales algorithms for a clearer understanding of each performer what, how and in what sequence should be done. You can specify the sequence of actions from the first contact with the client to the moment of the deal conclusion, carrying out Email-communication in autopilot mode.
  2. Flexible sales pipeline management. Nutshell-com provides 4 options for viewing and managing your sales funnel: List, Map, Chart, and Dashboard. Convenient visualization makes it possible to quickly convey information related to a particular transaction to employees.
  3. Simple custom reports. Using the built-in report designer, the Nutshell CRM user can evaluate the effectiveness of strategies, as well as identify its strengths and weaknesses in a presentable format. High-quality reporting lets you quickly make the necessary management decisions and introduce new approaches to communicating with the target audience.
  4. Convenient contact management system. All information about your customers, including data on calls and emails, is stored centrally. This is convenient because each member of your team can quickly access the required cluster of information.
  5. Comprehensive Email marketing automation. Automated mailings and integration with marketing software ensure maximum engagement rates for your addressees while minimizing time and personnel costs.
  6. Team management. Nutshell CRM offers a user-friendly interface for team communication. You can engage the right employees in a dialogue with one click, track communications with clients and keep under control all team tasks that require your attention.
  7. Rich marketing tools. Everything – from attractive email templates to detailed customer list segmentation – ensures the maximum impact of your CRM-based marketing efforts.

Nutshell is a combination of extensive tooling, flexibility and convenience. Below you can see in more detail the capabilities offered by the current tariff plans.


Nutshell CRM offers clients flexible pricing plans that consist of two components: Nutshell Sales and Nutshell Marketing. You can pay for Nutshell Marketing suites monthly or annually. The payment method you choose determines the monthly subscription price. Nutshell Sales includes two pricing plans subject to the following terms.


  • Price (billed monthly): 22 USD per month;
  • Price (billed annually): 19 USD per month;
  • Unlimited contact base and data storage;
  • Centralized customer database;
  • Automatic contacts synchronization;
  • Automatic customer data scouring;
  • Intelligent search;
  • Business card scanner;
  • Customizable sales pipeline;
  • Drag & Drop board;
  • Interactive map view;
  • Viewing data in a list;
  • Viewing diagrams;
  • Customer communication histories;
  • @ -command for mentions and warnings;
  • Unlimited bulk email templates;
  • Activity reminders;
  • At-a-glance activity and results dashboard;
  • Sales report;
  • Forecast report;
  • New leads report;
  • Loss report;
  • Snapshots;
  • Sending and replying to emails from Nutshell;
  • Email templates for sharing;
  • Bulk mailing in one click;
  • Email health score;
  • Real-time phone support;
  • Email support;
  • Chat support;
  • Free help with data importing;
  • Access to the knowledge base;
  • Official apps for iOS and Android.

Also in the basic version of CRM such options as calendar and mail synchronization with Gmail, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Outlook are available. In addition, there is the option to integrate with Constant Contact, Mailchimp, QuickBooks Online, Slack, Unbounce, Intercom and other business tools that will save you and your employees’ time.


  • Price (billed monthly): 39 USD per month;
  • Price (billed annually): 35 USD per month;
  • All STARTER suite’s options;
  • Unlimited sales pipelines;
  • Unlimited calls and call records;
  • Activity report;
  • Funnel report;
  • Managed sales process builder;
  • Automatic lead assignment;
  • Automated pipeline distribution;
  • Automated lead promotion;
  • Automated tasks;
  • Post-sales lead management;
  • Team coaching and guidance;
  • Constant integration with Mailchimp for automatic mail processing;
  • Personal letter sequences;
  • Reply rate tracker;
  • Views counter.

As for the Nutshell Marketing suite, it depends on the client base size and is presented in the following tariff scale:

  • 100 contacts – 5 USD per month;
  • 500 contacts – 15 USD per month;
  • 1000 contacts – 25 USD per month;
  • 2500 contacts – 40 USD per month;
  • 5000 contacts – 70 USD per month;
  • 10,000 contacts – 100 USD per month;
  • 15,000 contacts – 160 USD per month;
  • 20,000 contacts – 240 USD per month;
  • 30,000 contacts – 320 USD per month;
  • 40,000 contacts – 480 USD per month;
  • 50,000 contacts – 640 USD per month;
  • 60,000 contacts – 800 USD per month.


Nutshell CRM is a relatively inexpensive and highly functional customer base and mailing list management system. Using it you can establish personalized communication with a client or make bulk mailing to thousands of contacts. At the moment, Nutshell-com is a worthy competitive proposal in the CRM niche, which is worthy of the attention of experienced and novice internet marketers.

You can evaluate the capabilities of all the proposed tools right now. To do this, just register on the official website nutshell-com and use a free 14-day trial period. A big plus is that the system does not ask for your card details, so when a test expires the money will not be automatically withdrawn.

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