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“Right choice for long term returns”

Dear Mates,
This is definitely not for one who searches a doubler/tripler or an overnight millionaire program, It is a subjected legend for an appropriate investment online investment program with a legit paying network that dwells in Cryptocurrency platform in a diversified approach from Crypto-mining, Crypto-trading, Crypto-exchange, wallet system till banking system as a pre-determined journey enabling access to its members to make daily returns on investment starting from $30~$14999 by carefully tailored and genuinely possible long term plans.

LONG TERM PLANS FOR YOU – ” Tailored with Technology to Thrive and Triumph”

🐣 TESTER-TRIAL 🐣 » 108% ROI in 8 Days 💵
🅿️PCD: 8 Days (Plan Cycle Days)
↗️Daily Returns: 13.50%
↔️Investment Range: $30 ~ $50

🧢 REWARDS 🧢 » 150% ROI in 100 Days 💸
🅿️PCD: 100 Days
↗️Daily Returns: 1.50%
↔️Investment Range: $50 ~ $500

⛑ REWARDS PLUS ⛑ » 180% ROI in 120 Days 💸💎
🅿️PCD: 120 Days
↗️Daily Returns: 1.50%
↔️Investment Range: $200 ~ $1500

✨ ELITE ✨ » 200% ROI in 100 Days 💰
🅿️PCD: 100 Days
↗️Daily Returns: 2.00%
↔️Investment Range: $1501 ~ $3000

💫ELITE PLUS 💫 » 250% ROI in 120 Days 💰💎
🅿️PCD: 120 Days
↗️Daily Returns: 2.0833%
↔️Investment Range: $2501 ~ $5000

🛎 PRIME 🛎 » 280% ROI in 80 Days 🏦
🅿️PCD: 80 Days
↗️Daily Returns: 3.50%
↔️Investment Range: $5001 ~ $7000

👑 PRIME PLUS 👑 » 300% ROI in 60 Days 🏦🚀
🅿️PCD: 60 Days
↗️Daily Returns: 5.00%
↔️Investment Range: $7001 ~ $14999


🎟SIGN-UP BONUS » Get an instant Flash Bonus just for signing up!
Ranges from $2.50 < $25.00

🎫DEPOSITION BONUS » Get an add up instant Bonus on your first investment !
Ranges from $10.50 < $21.00

🧩CONDITIONAL DEPOSITION BONUS » Get an opportunity to minimize your investment risks by availing this loan against returns !
Ranges from $10.50 < $50.00 (Applicable only on FIAT deposit accounts – Perfect Money & Payeer)
Repay only 50% of the returns as payback loan amount by the end of your PCD


🌐REFERRAL BONUS » Get rewarded against your referred membership deposit. Reward ranges from 10% ~ 20%
*Instantly credited as soon as the deposition is confirmed*

🔄REFERRAL RETURNS » Get returns paid as an up-liner by a share of profit earned by the referred membership. Reward ranges from 2% ~ 5%
*Paid on 20th Calendar day of every month as a consolidated pay*

♻️REINVEST BONUS » Get rewarded as and when your referred membership reinvest their returns. Reward ranges from 0.25% ~ 1.00%
*Paid on 10th Calendar day of every month as a consolidated pay*

ℹ️LOAN APPROVAL BONUS » Get rewarded 1.18% on your referred membership gets an internal loan approval
*Paid on Last Calendar day of every month as a consolidated pay*


✅PRIVILEGE TO CHOOSE YOUR PREFERENCE » Invest in any currency and withdraw in your preferred currency from instance to instance !

✅MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL LIMITS » Enabled minimum withdraw limit of $1.00 for FIAT Currency and $5.00 for Crypto Currency !

✅INTERNAL FUND TRANSFERS » Enabling members to transfer funds within the network (P2P) !

✅INTERNAL EXCHANGE » Enabling members to transfer funds within the platform !

✅ROUND THE CLOCK SUPPORT SERVICE » 24/7 Chat support and On-Call assistance !

✅MULTI-CHANNEL SUPPORT FUNCTION » Enabling members to get assistance via Telegram/Whatsapp/Facebook/Twitter/Google Hangout !

» FSB _ Flash Sign-up Bonus are subjected to a reversal charge back if found unused within a week of registration.
» Deposition bonus will be credited to your user account within 2-3 hours of your first deposit and it is subjected to be added on your investment
» Conditional Deposition bonus can be availed by contacting our support team via chat or telegram or whatsapp and it is recommended to take a pre-approval on same from our support team before your investment for a better clarity.

JOIN US NOW (https://ntdchn.live/?ref=Nifty)

Become a member of an evolving international crypto hub network to preserve crypto-wealth for tomorrow’s digital economy!

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