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NQ.pl is Poland-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server. Their servers are placed in Krakow. 100% of user reviews who used NQ.pl are positive.

10 reasons why you should choose NQ.pl
Peace of mind – Peace of mind is the most important for the client. At NQ.pl, we are aware of this, so we sell each server with its addition …

Technical support – NQ.pl implements a policy of exceptional customer care. With us, everyone can count on the full understanding and help of specialists in every matter. NQ.pl provides direct contact with professionals who are able to solve clients’ problems on an ongoing basis. Each application is treated individually with due diligence,

Reliability and speed of operation – The key for the client is to maintain the continuity of the servers’ operation and their trouble-free operation. High performance and stabilization is guaranteed by our own server room, equipped with high-quality equipment. Thanks to the uninterruptible power supply system UPS and high-power power generators, the continuity of the servers’ operation is not endangered even in the event of a long-term failure of the power grid. Fiber optic connections from three independent operators and BGP routing ensure reliable access to servers. The NQ.pl team constantly supervises all parameters responsible for the proper functioning of the servers,

Reasonable price – All services provided by NQ.pl are at reasonable prices ensuring their high quality,

Professionalism and experience – NQ.pl is primarily professionalism manifested in all aspects of the company’s operations (technical issues, customer service). Few companies can boast 12 years of experience in the industry. During this time, we got to know our clients’ needs thoroughly and learned to solve their problems,

Flexibility – The flexibility of the NQ.pl offer significantly distinguishes us from the competition. We make sure that each service is best suited to the needs of a specific customer,

High quality of services provided – The level of loyalty of NQ.pl customers has been at a constant, very high level exceeding 90% for many years. All recommendations sent to us by customers are a source of pride and a driving force for further quality improvement,

Server room located in Poland – NQ.pl has its own server room located in Poland, thanks to which, in the event of an emergency, it is possible to react immediately without waiting for an employee thousands of kilometers away,

Satisfaction guarantee – Anyone who would like to purchase virtual hosting from NQ.pl, but are not entirely convinced, can test the service for 14 days at no additional cost. In addition, in the event of resignation from the service within 30 days from the date of registration, NQ.pl guarantees a refund of the entire amount paid. This is enough time to convince yourself of the NQ.pl offer,

No hidden costs – At NQ.pl, “we play open cards”, we do not hide any costs, thanks to which every customer has a clear picture of the fees related to the services. We describe the parameters of all services in detail and answer all related questions.


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