nopCommerce e-commerce platform review, nopcommerce-com advantages and disadvantages

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nopCommerce is an open source e-commerce platform powered by Microsoft ASP.NET. The project was launched in 2008 by a team from Yaroslavl (Russia). To date, more than 50 thousand online stores are successfully operating on the basis of this CMS. The main advantage of the platform is that it is distributed absolutely free of charge. The user will only have to pay for hosting, domain name and other additional options that may be needed for the full operation of the online store, such as SSL, anti-fraud systems, etc. At the same time, nopCommerce provides a paid support plan.

The main target audience that will be interested in the nopCommerce-com solution is medium and large businesses. This is due, first of all, to open source and the need for hiring experienced web specialists who are able to customize the CMS for your specific tasks. To launch and administer a project based on nopCommerce, the user must have basic skills in MS SQL, NET, HTML and CSS. At the same time, setup instructions are available directly on the platform’s website.

Please note that for a content management system to function properly, a web server must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Windows Server 2008
  2. Internet Information Service (IIS) 7.0;
  3. .NET Core 2.1;
  4. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.

If your server fully meets these requirements, then you can easily download, install and configure a nopCommerce-based website.


After installing nopCommerce and logging into the admin panel, the user is immediately struck by the friendliness and consistency of the interface. The sidebar contains all the necessary functions, while the more detailed options are presented in the drop-down lists within the categories. From the very first seconds, even an inexperienced user understands how to add an item to the website, how to enter advanced information about a specific product, how to add product attributes and how to set up the format for displaying a item on store pages. The same applies to options such as discounts, which can be flexibly set for individual products and entire categories.

As for the basic store settings, it is possible to customize the project for specific tasks and business features. The functionality is so rich that it is physically impossible to describe it all in one article. However, the user-friendly interface lets you quickly navigate the functionality and get down to business.

Functional features

The strong point of nopCommerce-com is the rich functionality already available in the basic version of the “engine”. Among the most notable and important options, it is worth noting such as:

  • Optimization for mobile devices;
  • “Multi-store” function for placing items on several sites through a single interface;
  • Multivendor function for cooperation with other stores under the dropshipping scheme;
  • Many attributes of items with unique SKUs and a stock tracking system;
  • The function of personalizing prices for different groups of clients;
  • Selling digital products with the direct download options;
  • Option to compare products with display of related products;
  • Online returns management system;
  • Displaying a showcase on the main page with recommended and promoted positions;
  • Function of mass downloading/uploading of goods in CSV format;
  • Pacing an order on one page and accepting guest orders;
  • Multilingual interface;
  • Multi-currency interface;
  • Personalization of purchases with exclusive gift wrapping;
  • The wishlist;
  • Live chat.

All the described tools lets you adapt the store to the tasks of your business as much as possible and make purchases pleasant and simple.


nopCommerce provides rich opportunities for a quality marketing organization. In this direction, the platform’s tools include:

  • Points reward program, discount programs, gift cards and promotional codes;
  • The ratings system and commodity items reviews;
  • Company blog and newsletter with the third-party online marketing services integration;
  • Integration with price comparison services (PriceGrabber, Yahoo Shopping, Google Shopping).

nopCommerce lets you customize your sales in a way that fully aligns with your overall marketing strategy.


The nopCommerce platform is quite advanced in terms of search engine optimization and offers a lot of opportunities for promotion in Google and Yandex. Key SEO options include:

  • Automatic generation of a sitemap in XML and HTML format;
  • URL and keyword management;
  • Metadata management with support for popular social media tags;
  • Breadcrumbs function for better navigation;
  • Canonical URLs;
  • Integration with Google Analytics.

In addition, a nopCommerce-based website will delight you with high loading speed and adaptability for mobile devices, which will also have an indirect positive impact on website search engines promotion.


nopCommerce is a popular, feature-rich web builder. Using this CMS you can create a website of any scale and complexity. Among the arguments in favor of this platform experts note:

  • An impressive range of options;
  • Flexible functionality and design customization;
  • Developed professional community;
  • Competent and user-friendly interface;
  • No pricing and fees.

Choosing nopCommerce-com, you automatically get access to over 40 templates. Optionally, you can also buy an authentic theme for relatively little money. At the same time, the open code of this content management system makes it possible to make any settings, involving a third-party specialist for these purposes.

If you are looking for a reliable and highly scalable ecommerce platform, you will appreciate the power of nopCommerce. You can download the installation package on the official website

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