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The intuitive usability of the Nimiq Blockchain is following the fundamental idea which every commercial payment provider is following: Their product design shows crystal clear that a frictionless payment process is the most important value to customers, because only if it is so easy that it leaves you without any big question marks, you feel confident to trust their technology with your money in your daily life.

Token Info
TokenNimiq / NIM
Tokens for Sale10,500,000
Investment Info
Price in ICO1.4038 USD
Distributed in ICOUnknown

Timeline / Roadmap

July - Dec 2016

Initial Research + Experiments Researched state-of-the-art web-based Blockchain technology and recognized the untapped potential.

January - February 2017

First Prototypes of Blockchain Developed the first proof-of-concept of browser-based Blockchain in only 1000 lines of ES6 code.

March - June 2017

Alpha Version of Blockchain Excited by these results formed a top-notch team, developed the first feature-complete alpha version, and launched a private Beta Testnet.

June 2017

Launch Public Testnet + Ecosystem On June 2, launched public Beta Testnet, and the world's first browser-based Blockchain came alive.

June 28, 2017

Token Sale To fund further development of the protocol and ecosystem Nimiq opened a token sale on June 28.

Q4 2017

Complete Blockchain + Ecosystem Implement ASIC-resistance and infrastructure for the Lightning Network and P2P-Exchange. Build a strong community.

December 2017

Launch Mainnet + Ecosystem Publish the official Genesis Block and launch the official Nimiq Mainnet.


Harden + Expand the Ecosystem This is where the real fun begins.

Team Members

Team Members
Robin Linus
Nimiq Creator, Blockchain Architect
Team Members
Philipp von Styp-Rekowsky
Nimiq Creator, Tech Lead
Team Members
Elion Chin
Nimiq Creator, Operations
Team Members
Pascal Berrang
Blockchain Developer
Team Members
Marvin Wissfeld
Blockchain Developer
Team Members
Jeffrey Esquivel
Blockchain Developer
Team Members
Ricardo Barquero
Technical Documentation
Team Members
Amy Zhang
Research / Communication
Team Members
Daniel Mohr
UI/UX Developer

About Nimiq

A Third-Generation Blockchain Protocol

Cutting-edge Blockchain research and web technology streamlined to create an open payment protocol designed to lower multiple barriers of entry.

Native to the Web Platform.
Written in Javascript ES6, communication via
WebSockets + WebRTC.

Sync in Seconds
Light clients first.
To establish distributed consensus, the required Blockchain data is less than downloading a song.

Instant Transactions
Off-chain transactions scale beyond paying for a coffee.
They unleash micro transactions and atomic swaps for cross-chain compatibility.

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