Nimble CRM platform review, nimble-com advantages and disadvantages

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Nimble is a cloud-based sales and customer relationship management system. The functionality of the CRM platform makes it possible to create databases, communicate with customers via effective channels and track the dynamics of each individual lead. Also an administrator can track the activity of users interacting with CRM. Advanced analytics provide managers with detailed information on employee performance and predict performance for months ahead. All this brings business process management to a fundamentally new level.

The target audience of the software is marketers and sales managers. The service is provided exclusively on a paid basis. However, there is a 14-day trial period, during which you can evaluate all the platform’s capabilities and make the final decision to subscribe. You can pay for your subscription by credit card or PayPal.


Nimble-com is a powerful tool for collecting and processing customer information. You can import contacts from social networks and related services, as well as link business contacts to official accounts and send notifications on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Nimble integrates with a number of popular services such as G Suite and Office 365 to further expand its capabilities. There is even an official plugin for popular browsers that lets you perform operational tasks without logging into the CRM.

Employees of companies who have preferred this system point to ease of use as one of the main advantages of Nimble. You can see your entire task plan in the home page interface, which increases productivity and provides an integrated approach to work. In turn, personal and group chats help maintain communication with current and potential customers in a single user-friendly ecosystem.

At the moment, the Nimble interface is only available in English. Nevertheless, it is intuitive and logical, so even novice users should not have problems with mastering this CRM.

Price policy

CRM is offered in a single service suite called Nimble Business. The subscription terms are listed below:

  • Price: 25 USD per month;
  • Price if paid annually: 19 USD per month;
  • Unified message inbox;
  • Contact management;
  • Calendar synchronization;
  • Contact limit: 25000;
  • Unlimited contact records;
  • Email messages synchronization;
  • Custom fields limit: 1000;
  • Saved search segments;
  • Storage: 2 GB per user;
  • Social media signals;
  • Social profile match;
  • Email signature capture;
  • Business insights capture;
  • Group messages: 100 per user per day;
  • Unlimited Email Templates;
  • Email Tracking;
  • Activity tracking;
  • Stay-in-touch reminders;
  • Task reminders;
  • Call logging;
  • 25 enrichment credits per month (+100 additional credits for 10 USD);
  • Deal pipeline management;
  • Sales forecasting and reports;
  • Team permission;
  • Free onboarding assistance;
  • Weekly Q&A sessions;
  • One-on-one consultation;
  • Nimble Prospector extension;
  • Outlook add-in;
  • Email and online support;
  • Comprehensive support center;
  • Integration with G Suite and Office 365;
  • Synchronization with 160+ third-party applications;
  • API access.

As you can see, Nimble offers a rich set of options for a reasonable price. To date, the platform’s pricing policy is one of the most democratic.

Contact management

Contact management is a basic function of any CRM, including Nimble. The user can add up to 25,000 contacts to the database with ordering additional 10,000 contacts for 10 USD. At the same time, there is no upper limit of contacts.

The database can be imported in a variety of ways, including Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, in CSV or business card format. Integration with PieSync lets you import and sync your contact base from third-party mailing services such as Mailchimp and the like. In this case, the user can configure an import process in such a way as to exclude duplicate contacts.

CSV data can be supplemented with information from social networks, which will provide additional knowledge about the target audience and segment it in more detail. CRM functionality lets you tag contacts to track sources and use your own custom fields.

CRM also features a convenient search in the contact database. In addition to standard criteria such as name and company, the following parameters can be used as search filters:

  1. Geolocation;
  2. Education;
  3. Interests;

To export contacts, just select the necessary records in the database and click on the “Export” button. The system will automatically send the exported data in a universal format to your Email. This data retrieval mechanism may seem longer and more complex than direct downloading, but from the point of view of data protection it is much smarter.


The Nimble Prospector extension is perceived by many clients as one of the most useful CRM features. It is available both for Android / iOS as an application, and for Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers as a plug-in. With a single hover over a contact, Prospector provides all available information about a specific customer with the option of instantly adding it to the Nimble-com database. Using the application, you can enter and edit customer data, including tagging, without logging into CRM. Prospector is able to collect and provide a truly voluminous array of customer information in a split second.


Nimble is a profitable and functional offer in the CRM niche. Affordable prices combined with a balance of useful options make the popularity of this system grow. Despite the fact that Nimble-com is not included in the TOP of the most demanded customer relationship management systems, this software is quite promising and worth paying attention to aspiring and experienced marketers.

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