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Newtek is United States-based hosting company. They offer the following services: VPS, Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting. Their servers are placed in Scottsdale. 27% of user reviews who used Newtek are positive.

Updates are usually rolled out 2-3 times a month. With our Managed Maintenance Plan we keep tabs on any updates your website throws at us. Whether themes, plugins, or core updates, we monitor, test, and apply updates to keep your site stable and secure.

All sites should have a good backup plan, and with our Managed Maintenance Plan, we will provide a complete backup of all site files and databases each day on a 14-day rotation. In the event of a failed update with either core files, plugins, or themes, we will restore from our last backup at no charge to you!

Monitoring security and ensuring full recovery is no easy task. But with our Managed Maintenance Plan, you can leave that task to us. We’ll install, configure and monitor your site with some of the top applications out there! In the rare instance a site gets hacked, we clean it up for you at no additional charge!

Compatibility Support
If we update your site, a theme, or a plugin and find out something broke, we offer up to 1 hour of compatibility support* (normally $125/hour). If we can’t fix it within that time, we will roll back to your latest update and contact you with recommendations.

Discounted Design Costs
Since we’re already working with you, we offer a discounted design rate of $85.00/hour (normally $125/hour) on any additional website maintenance, updates and/or support services on any site using our Managed Maintenance plan.


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