A proposal to make Bitcoin’s Lightning strategy succeed is going to be merged today. It is expected that this will help Bitcoin solve its age long problems.

According to Christian Decker, an engineer who is a part of the lightning program, the proposal will soon be presented at Coindesk’s Consensus 2019 conference. He is also optimistic that this will give Bitcoin a good impact.

Since lightning is still in its developmental stages, it is not safe to use at the moment. As a result, new features such as this are welcome. The new features will ease off the difficulty in making payments for the time being.

Decker said:

This enables quite some cool new features, including multi-path routing, trampoline routing, and so forth. It’s on the agenda for today’s [IRC specification] meeting and I’m confident it’ll get merged today, so we can get started on the next wave of features.

Decker has started by implementing a code that will make the proposal useful. Other developers of his caliber agree that his work is nice and can help Bitcoin progress so far. For this reason, his work is going to be merged in Lightning’s specifications.

Features like this one will need to be coded so that they can be used both far and wide. This will make payment from one system to another very possible.

Decker is using the same technology which Tor is known for. The essence is to make it a “multi-frame” proposal as he fondly calls it.

The security it presents is also good. Users and intermediaries in the network won’t even be able to see what is available in the network at any point in time.

It also has the benefit of being modifiable so that other people using the router can make changes and add more information for the benefit of others.

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