New Leaders to Resume Work at Otaku Coin Association

A company that has been responsible for giving a local currency to those who love viewing Japanese anime is having two new leaders from Dentsu and Hakuhodo.

The Otaku Coin Association is one of the reasons why fans of Japanese animation have stayed together. It has talked about two people who are coming to take leadership positions soon based on their experience in the anime and blockchain industry.

AdverTimes reported on July 27 that the leaders are coming from Dentsu Japanimation Studio and the Hakuhodo Blockchain Initiative. The one from Dentsu is called Makashi Muto while his colleague from Hakuhodo is known as Yusuke Ito.

The Otaku Coin Association, in September 2018, called out 15,000 people to distribute 6 million tokens for free. But the association is now thinking of adding its coins to the blockchain so it has started making plans to start a fund-raising campaign.

The word “otaku” in Japan means someone who is constantly thinking or worrying about computers or a kind of pop culture. The coin is handled by a community that has chosen to pursue their desires for games, comics and Japanese anime with something unique.

Pop culture in need of blockchain

Japan’s cryptocurrency and blockchain companies have grown by over 30% this year and most of them focus on games people play often in the country. But developers of the games that want to adopt blockchain into their activities are having a hard time doing so because the Japanese regulatory authorities have only approved some kinds of gambling activities.

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