NetHunt CRM system review, nethunt-com advantages and disadvantages

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NetHunt CRM is a Ukrainian software that combines the functions of sales, marketing campaigns and business process management linked to business correspondence in Gmail. CRM users note the logical and user-friendly interface as one of the advantages of this service. Everything here is intuitive and simple. All letters that come to your Email can be immediately turned into records, and then grouped and filtered according to the necessary criteria. In the NetHunt-com CRM interface you can monitor the history of correspondence and create lists, synchronizing with Google Calendar and other applications. The system also makes it possible to create mass mailings for individual segments of the target audience and track such parameters as:

  1. letters openings;
  2. client’s geolocation;
  3. opening time.

NetHunt CRM currently provides three paid plans. You can pay for your subscription using your credit card or PayPal. If you are not ready to pay the required amount right away, you can use the 14-day test period in order to evaluate the benefits of NetHunt CRM in practice.

CRM features

According to customer reviews, NetHunt CRM is one of the most convenient and integrated systems. In this sense, the platform significantly outperforms its competitors. At the same time, working in NetHunt CRM is very convenient, since there are no complex architectures or fanciful menus. Everything is clear even for a beginner. But if a user has any questions while working with the software product, he can always contact the free support service.

Marketers say that the main advantages of NetHunt-com are as follows:

  • Saving profiles from LinkedIn to NetHunt through the Chrome extension;
  • View opportunities on LinkedIn through pipeline visualization;
  • Simple task and database management;
  • Informative reporting.

The system offers user a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Full integration with Gmail and G Suite;
  • Integration via Zapier;
  • Sales pipeline visualization;
  • High-level organization and database management;
  • Creating leads and closing deals directly from Email;
  • Storing letters, invoices, documents and contact history in a single interface;
  • Individualized and bulk Email mailings;
  • Notifications about calls, meetings and events;
  • Monitoring of sales and employee performance indicators;
  • Step-by-step visualization of customer interaction;
  • Sales control at all stages of transaction;
  • Interaction between company’s structural divisions;
  • One interface for sales, marketing and customer support;
  • Access of the senior manager to the data on the subordinate’s activity.

NetHunt CRM is a powerful tool with a user-friendly interface that integrates with popular applications. A loyal pricing policy further stirs up customer interest in this platform.


NetHunt CRM offers 3 pricing plans on the following terms.

Basic ($ 24 per month)

  • NetHunt web application;
  • Contact management;
  • Deals and Opportunity Management;
  • Leads management;
  • Multiple pipelines;
  • Call logs and meeting notes;
  • Tasks and reminders;
  • Data import / export;
  • Customizable fields;
  • Custom folders;
  • Custom filters and views;
  • Zapier integration;
  • API access;
  • Integration with Google Workspace and Gmail;
  • Google Calendar;
  • Google Drive
  • Google Chat;
  • Google contacts sync: daily;
  • Automated Email login;
  • Automated letters linking to corresponding contacts, companies and deals;
  • New contact in one click;
  • Email campaigns;
  • Customer segmentation;
  • Macroses/Email personalization;
  • Personal Email templates;
  • Shared Email templates: 10 templates;
  • HTML templates import;
  • Test emails;
  • Email opt-out;
  • Email open tracking;
  • Email link tracking;
  • Email marketing analytics;
  • Mentions;
  • Bulk update;
  • Duplicates management;
  • Mobile access;
  • Permissions and visibility settings;
  • Custom roles: 5 roles;
  • Required fields;
  • Support;
  • Knowledge base;
  • Access to the online community;
  • Phone support: 1 call per month;
  • Email support;
  • Live chat;

This tariff plan is ideal for a freelancer or a two-person team. It can be scaled and expanded if needed.

Business ($ 48 per month)

  • All options of the Basic suite;
  • Integration with LinkedIn;
  • Integration with Data Studio;
  • Intercom integration;
  • Integration with Facebook Messenger;
  • Actions and emails: up to 2,000 per month;
  • Workflow templates: 50;
  • Instant update;
  • Webhooks;
  • Web forms;
  • Workflow rules;
  • Schedules;
  • Email notifications;
  • Slack notifications;
  • Google chat notifications;
  • Custom SMTP;
  • Shared email templates: 25 templates;
  • Team performance reports;
  • Sales performance reports;
  • Phone support: 2 calls per month.

Business plan is optimal for a small team which wants to automate routine tasks and interaction between employees.

Advanced ($ 96 / month)

  • All options of the Business plan;
  • Google contacts sync: hourly;
  • Actions and emails: 10,000 per month;
  • Workflow templates: 200;
  • Shared Email templates: no limits;
  • Custom roles: unlimited;
  • Phone support: 5 calls;
  • Specialized account manager.

This suite is considered the best solution for a large company.


NetHunt CRM is an advanced customer base management tool. The system lets you quickly customize an interface for tasks of a particular company and automate most of the work processes. Each user can easily integrate favorite third-party applications into NetHunt CRM, performing a wide range of tasks through a single interface.

If you are looking for a universal and inexpensive system for interacting with your target audience, NetHunt-com may well become a universal assistant that will free you and your employees from the tedious routine and will significantly increase the effectiveness of any marketing event. You can take advantage of all the features of a paid subscription right now without paying a penny. To do this, you just need to sign up for the official website and activate the 14-day trial period. For any questions related to the service you can contact the support service in chat mode or by Email.

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