AI Trader Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? Review

Summary offers investment such as 5% / in 24 hours. They process withdrawal Manually and they give affiliate bonus of 5%.NOT PAYING

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2 (1 vote) began its journey back in 2014. Peter Francis was an experienced trader, he had great ideas and a great desire to move forward, he created a team of brilliant programmers and named it Neka. The first task was to develop a trading bot, because artificial intelligence will allow much faster and more precise tracking of all movements on exchanges. Actually, this was the beginning of the development of our company. The next major project was writing intelligence to automate the operation of an agricultural farm. This product has allowed our customers to increase their productivity by 60% and reduce labor costs by 24%. For 5 long years, we took part in major banking, scientific, medical, technical, marketing projects. 

Currently, the company employs about 150 people united by friendship, unconventional thinking and brilliant ideas! Our task is to get ahead of world progress and bring to the market our own innovative solutions that will help the whole world to facilitate work and save maximum time and resources!

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