Moz Pro legendary SEO service review, moz-com advantages and disadvantages

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Moz Pro is a legendary SEO service with rich functionality and affordable pricing. Many internet marketers use Moz indicators such as Domain Authority, MozTrust and MozRank as the basis for their promotion strategies. Moz-com includes a comprehensive crawling tool, keyword management tool and page optimization tools. At the same time, the product itself pleases with its simplicity and responsive interface.

Moz Pro is available for a fee. Payment is made monthly or yearly by credit card. There is also a 30-day trial period for a detailed acquaintance with its capabilities.


Moz Pro will delight an optimizer with great monitoring and optimizing capabilities. Below are the main tools of the platform.

Keyword Explorer

At the heart of Moz Pro is a powerful keyword monitoring tool. Keyword Explorer gives you the ability to customize your search by location with city precision and other filters. It is quite easy to learn. You just need to enter a keyword, and the system will return results indicating:

  1. search volume;
  2. promotion difficulty;
  3. CTR;
  4. competition in paid search.

The last two metrics are especially important for the internet marketer. As for the complexity assessment, in addition to the basic metric, the system offers another two ones – “opportunity” and “potential”. These metrics often differ from actual complexity, as page parameters can indicate both opportunities for rapid promotion and vulnerability in competing  with other sites.

The promotion difficulty parameter varies from 1 to 100. The calculation takes into account the page authority (PA) and domain authority (DA), which are compared with other parameters, such as search volume for a key query, cost of advertising traffic, level of competition on a specific SERP page. Practice shows that PA and DA below 50 are an opportunity for quick and relatively inexpensive promotion.


Directly from the Explorer interface you can add keywords to the “PCMag Test” list. By clicking on the Keyword Lists button, the user gets access to an extensive array of infographics and reports. Based on these data, it is much easier to form a competent promotion strategy.

All words are presented in a table with the main metrics and filters. The customizable “Importance” metric deserves special attention. It lets you rank the keys from 1 to 10 depending on the request importance for a particular business. The importance can be calculated individually, taking into account the intangible assets, which can play a fundamental part for business. For example, a branded keyword will be objectively more important for a specific company than for its competitors.

After forming a list of keywords, a user can check the table and add words to the Moz-com campaign. After that, these keywords will be monitored automatically. Report results can be exported in CSV format.

In addition to keywords, Moz Pro also offers flexible options for creating customized reports:

  • SEO indicators comparing;
  • detailed SERP reports;
  • historical SEO reports with overtime data tracking.

Each report can be flexibly customized for a specific audience and sent by email. The Drag & Drop mechanism for generating reports greatly facilitates and speeds up the workflow.

Site Crawler

Moz Pro offers an updated site monitoring tool that is faster and more functional. Site Crawler automatically scans each page, sending weekly email reports indicating the identified problems. All errors are divided into 5 categories:

  1. critical issues;
  2. scanner warnings;
  3. redirect errors;
  4. metadata errors;
  5. content errors.

Site Crawler not only identifies problems, but also suggests methods for solving them. The system is capable of detecting duplicate titles, broken links, lack of SEO-relevant page elements, and other errors. All problems are marked with a priority index. This makes it possible to specify which types of problems or pages the scanner should ignore.

Additional SEO features

Moz Pro provides access to blogs and reference materials to help you update and deepen your SEO knowledge. For novice optimizers, it provides free training resources and a knowledge base.

Also among the features of Moz-com it is worth mentioning the official free extension for Google Chrome called MozBar. Many experts agree that this is the most convenient browser extension that lets you quickly track PA, DA and other SEO parameters of a website.


Moz Pro is a paid service. At the moment, there are 4 paid sites on the following terms.


  • Price: $ 79 per month;
  • Campaign limit: 3;
  • Keyword limit: 300;
  • Crawled pages (per week): 100,000;
  • On-demand site scans: 5;
  • Keyword queries (per month): 150;
  • Rows per keyword query: 10.000;
  • Keyword lists: 5;
  • Keywords per list: 100;
  • Backlink queries / month: 5.000;
  • Rows per backlink query: 10.000;
  • Link tracking lists: 1;
  • Limit per list: 100;
  • Rank Checker queries / day: 200;
  • User limit: 1.


  • Price: $ 143 per month;
  • Campaign limit: 10;
  • Keyword limit: 1500;
  • Crawled pages (per week): 500,000;
  • On-demand site scans: 30;
  • Keyword queries per month: 5.000;
  • Rows per keyword query: 30.000;
  • Keyword lists: 30;
  • Keywords per list: 500;
  • Backlink queries / month: 20,000;
  • Rows per backlink query: 40,000;
  • Link tracking lists: 30;
  • Limit per list: 500;
  • Rank Checker queries / day: 200;
  • User limit: 2.


  • Price: $ 199 per month;
  • Campaign limit: 25;
  • Keyword limit: 1900;
  • Crawled pages (per week): 1.250.000;
  • On-demand site scans: 60;
  • Keyword queries per month: 15,000;
  • Rows per keyword query: 50,000;
  • Keyword lists: 60;
  • Keywords per list: 750;
  • Backlink queries / month: 70,000;
  • Rows per backlink query: 50,000;
  • Link tracking lists: 60;
  • Limit per list: 750;
  • Rank Checker queries / day: 500;
  • User limit: 3.


  • Price: $ 479 per month;
  • Campaign limit: 50;
  • Keyword limit: 4500;
  • Crawled pages (per week): 2.000.000;
  • Speed ​​Crawl function;
  • On-demand site scans: 100;
  • Keyword queries per month: 30,000;
  • Rows per keyword query: 100,000;
  • Keyword lists: 100;
  • Keywords per list: 1000;
  • Backlink queries / month: 100,000;
  • Rows per backlink query: 75,000;
  • Link tracking lists: 100;
  • Limit per list: 1000;
  • Rank Checker queries / day: 800;
  • User limit: 5.


Moz Pro is a powerful SEO tool for beginners and professionals. If you are looking for a decent software solution for successful promotion in Google and other search engines, you will appreciate the functionality of this product. You can test its capabilities right now using the 30-day trial period.

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