Moscow Citizens Vote for Constitutional Amendment; Results will affect Putin’s Presidential Bid.

Citizens of Moscow will have the opportunity to decide on Vladimir Putin’s Constitutional amendments through a system that uses blockchain.

Russia is about to change its constitution but this depends on what the citizens decide in a vote that will be empowered by blockchain technology.

The upcoming blockchain voting will require a registration which will start on June 5. It is important for any Moscow citizen who wants to partake in this to register early.

Blockchain makes voting more free and fare

The voting will be online and will take place from June 25 till June 30. The essence of using blockchain is to preserve the anonymity of voters and to prevent manipulation of results since it will be encrypted.

Concerning the e-voting:

“The safety and transparency of electronic voting will be ensured by blockchain technology. Such a network does not have a single server: in order to change the information regarding bulletins, it is necessary to obtain the approval of most network participants, so the chain is almost impossible to hack. The vote itself is anonymized and encrypted.”

All that is known for now is that blockchain technology will be used but nobody is sure of the exact one that will be deployed. No company name to help out in the voting has been mentioned.

Putin can stay till 2036 if voters adopt the amendment

The main aim is to know if Russians want the constitution to be amended.

The amendment was first proposed on January 15 2020. In the amendment, there is a statement that indicates Putin can stay longer than his remaining four years in office. He will be able to be the president for another 12 years on two separate 6-year terms.  Putin has been in power since 1999 serving as the prime minister and the President of the country.

Although he has been in power for long, Putin has not been able to enact laws for the crypto industry although he has tried to do so several times. Putin has the chance to determine what becomes of the Bitcoin because his country currently does more Bitcoin trading than the rest of the world on LocalBitcoins.

Towards the end of 2019, Changpeng Zhao who is the CEO of Binance, confirmed that Putin has a major say in the blockchain space.

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