Moosend email-marketing service review, moosend-com advantages and disadvantages

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Moosend is a universal email-marketing service that offers a rich set of tools for composing emails and success delivering to the final recipient. A feature of is the Drag & Drop technology, which makes it possible to create high-quality sales letters using a convenient visual builder without need in HTML or layout skills. The mission of the Moosend-com creators is to provide everyone with a tool that lets you set up a commercial emailing at a professional level.

The company offers starter free and flexible paid service suites. You can pay for your plan using your credit card or PayPal.

Service features

Moosend makes it easy to set up and launch marketing campaigns of any scale. The platform’s functionality includes such points as:

  1. Advertising mailing. This option lets you create responsive and thrilling newsletters that encourage users to visit a landing page or take a targeted action.
  2. Marketing automation. Most of the processes associated with sending and collecting feedback are automated, which frees up time for analytics and strategic tasks.
  3. Tracking tools. The creator of an advertising campaign can monitor every visitor’s action and use this data to optimize marketing activities in real time.
  4. Detailed reporting and analytics. An administrator receives the most detailed feedback on the results, which makes it possible to adjust the marketing campaign. The system lets you track engagement, clicks, openings, social media sharing and unsubscribing.
  5. Integration. Moosend offers a wide range of complementary, integrated tools that improve marketing efficiency and ROI.
  6. Flexibility and personalization. You can customize your campaign so that each customer receives the most personalized content, which helps to increase loyalty and service level. Personalization is based on behavioral data (previous purchases, abandoned carts etc.).
  7. Modern design. The system provides tons of tools to enhance your emails with dynamic elements and other technologies.
  8. A / B testing. The creator of an ad campaign can reveal the effectiveness of different mailing options by dividing the emails flow for experimentation.
  9. Form constructor. The administrator can create any digital forms for collecting data using the rich Drag & Drop capabilities.
  10. Ready-made letter templates. You can not only create your own newsletters from scratch, but also use ready-made, tried-and-tested solutions, editing them to suit your needs. At the moment, there are more than 40 customizable options available.
  11. Landing page builder. The Moosend service lets you create responsive landing pages with a user-friendly builder that even a beginner can handle.
  12. Audience segmentation. Email creators can split mailing lists for more precise targeting. The system makes it possible to implement an unlimited number of combinations of conditions based on audience behavior to maximize a personalized experience.
  13. Artificial intelligence capabilities. The built-in AI tool analyzes your audience in detail, lets you attract new target customers and increase your average conversion.

Affiliate program

Moosend gives to all registered users a chance to earn money by attracting referrals. For each referred client you receive a bonus of 30% of the paid amount. Each referral is tied to a partner for life, which lets you earn all the time while the referral renews the subscription to Moosend-com services. Cookies are stored for 90 days, which ensures high performance even with a large percentage of postponed registrations.

Besides favorable terms for calculating bonuses you are offered a reliable referral monitoring system. Real-time statistics makes it possible to fully control the effectiveness of the affiliate link promotion.Moosend guarantees the timeliness of partner payments through the Stripe or PayPal system.


Moosend offers several tariff plans on the following terms.


  • Price: $ 0 per month;
  • Limit: up to 1000 subscribers;
  • Unlimited number of letters;
  • Registration and subscription forms;
  • Reporting and analytics.


  • Price (depends on the number of subscribers): from $ 8 to $ 608;
  • Limit: up to 200,000 subscribers;
  • Landing pages;
  • Transactional letters;
  • SMTP server;
  • Phone support;
  • Team limit: 5 people.


  • Price: individual;
  • Custom reports;
  • Account Manager;
  • SSO and SAML;
  • Boarding and transfer;
  • Team limit: 10 people;
  • Service Level Agreement.

Moreover, all tariff plans include:

  • Registration and subscription forms;
  • Popup and inline forms;
  • Floating windows and menus;
  • Basic and custom templates;
  • Image cropping/resizing tool;
  • Countdown timers;
  • Conditional content;
  • AI recommendations;
  • Automation process designer;
  • Ready-made automation templates;
  • Multi-step marketing automation processes;
  • Monitoring of openings, clicks, refusals, unsubscriptions, complaints;
  • Monitoring of page visits, product views, carts and purchases;
  • Custom events;
  • Projected location and demographics;
  • Real-time reports and analytics;
  • Google Analytics integration;
  • Heatmap Analytics;
  • Geography and device reports;
  • Antispam analysis;
  • Knowledge base;
  • Email and live chat support;
  • 100+ integrations;
  • API access.


Moosend provides opportunities to implement any email marketing project. The functionality of the system will be of interest to retailers, agencies, bloggers and all those who are interested in maintaining productive communication with their target audience. No matter how many people are on your subscriber list, Moosend-com is ready to offer a flexible pricing plan on favorable terms. You can get started right now with a free plan. This functionality is more than enough to start an effective Email campaign.

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