MoonMail Email marketing platform review, moonmail-io advantages and disadvantages

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MoonMail is marketed as an simple and user-friendly mailing list service. On the official website there is information that this tool optimizes marketing costs and significantly increases conversion and customers satisfaction rates. At the moment, MoonMail-io lets you create Email campaigns, SMS campaigns, voice communications, as well as WhatsApp and Messenger campaigns. There is also a tool for working with services such as Amazon, APN, Firebase and Baidu. The platform is aimed at users with above average experience. Unfortunately, there are no ready-made pre-installed templates here, so you have to create them from scratch by yourself.

The company’s services are paid, but customers are provided with a 14-day trial period. At the same time, completely free tariff plans are not provided. Payment is made only by credit card.


MoonMail includes all the basic tools you need to set up effective promotional campaigns. There is a convenient email wizard that will help you to correctly set up and arrange your mailing list. There is also a user segmentation function for more accurate targeting of the audience. A / B testing will be a nice addition to the basic analytical toolkit, which will help a campaign administrator to identify the most successful solutions. Separately, it is worth mentioning the registration forms builder that stimulates new users to subscribe.

One of the MoonMail features is a step-by-step setting up an Email campaign. It includes the following steps:

  1. Selecting the type of campaign. MoonMail offers both single message campaigns and autoresponders that are triggered when a specific behavior is taking place.
  2. Selecting an audience segment and creating a message. MoonMail does not have predefined templates, which complicates the process a little, since you will have to design letters using HTML.
  3. Campaign launch. After configuring all the basic parameters, all that remains is to start the newly created Email campaign.

MoonMail provides nice user segmentation tool. However, its capabilities are limited to selecting contacts based on the date of last activity. Unfortunately, the system does not provide for the choice of such parameters as geolocation, previous purchases or website visits.

In terms of analytics, MoonMail-io is almost on par with most email marketing services. The user has access to such information as:

  • Number of emails sent / delivered;
  • Number of spam complaints;
  • Number of bounced emails;
  • Number and % of open letters;
  • Number and % of clicks;
  • The intensity of unsubscribing;
  • Deliverability rating.

This data is sufficient to track campaign performance.

In general, it is worth noting the friendly interface of the platform, which from the very first seconds will delight you. All functions are correctly placed at the control panel. At the same time, the platform has been translated into all popular languages, which lets users from all over the world feel comfortable in the MoonMail ecosystem.


MoonMail offers 4 flexible pricing lines. The cost of the service suites directly depends on the number of subscribers in the contact list, which can vary from 1,000 to 100,000. You can pay for the services per month or per year. In the second case, the tariff will be more democratic. Terms of tariff plans are presented below.


  • Price: from $ 59 per month;
  • Active contacts per month: 10.000;
  • Letters per month: 50,000;
  • Events per month: 250,000;
  • Domains: 1;
  • Additional users: 0;
  • Access to the GraphQL API;
  • Fee for an additional 1000 active contacts: $ 24;
  • Fee for 1000 additional emails sent: $ 4.80;
  • Fee for additional 1000 events: $ 0.40;
  • Additional domain fee: $ 29 (up to 5 domains);
  • Additional user fee: $ 9.99 (up to 5 users).


  • Price: from $ 249 per month;
  • Active contacts per month: 50,000;
  • Letters per month: 250,000;
  • Events per month: 1.250.000;
  • Domains: 3;
  • Additional users: 3;
  • Access to the GraphQL API;
  • Fee for an additional 1000 active contacts: $ 16.50;
  • Fee for 1000 additional emails sent: $ 2.70;
  • Fee for additional 1000 events: $ 0.25;
  • Additional domain fee: $ 29 (up to 10 domains);
  • Additional user fee: $ 9.99 (up to 10 users).


  • Price: from $ 499 per month;
  • Active contacts per month: 100,000;
  • Letters per month: 500,000;
  • Events per month: 2,500,000;
  • Domains: 5;
  • Additional users: 5;
  • Access to the GraphQL API;
  • Fee for an additional 1000 active contacts: $ 10.00;
  • Fee for 1000 additional emails sent: $ 1.40;
  • Fee for additional 1000 events: $ 0.15;
  • Additional domain fee: $ 29 (up to 25 domains);
  • Additional user fee: $ 9.99 (up to 25 users).

There is also a VIP plan named Enterprise without any restrictions. Its price is formed individually, taking into account the specific needs of the client. Moreover, all tariff lines include such options as:

  • AMP support;
  • Up to 10 million emails per hour;
  • AI-based filter of involved recipients;
  • Intelligent send time optimization;
  • Recipient validation pre sending;
  • Inbox placement shield;
  • IP farm spread;
  • Deep logs;
  • Advanced analytics;
  • Any Email as the sending address;
  • A / B testing;
  • 24/7 ticket support;
  • Web forms with dynamic validation based on machine learning;
  • Automatic management of bounce messages, complaints and spam;
  • DKIM and SPF customization;
  • Event based Segmentation;
  • Advanced segmentation;
  • GDPR compliance;
  • Event-based automation;
  • Custom events;
  • Sender reputation management and monitoring;
  • Dedicated IP and subnets;
  • Custom rDNS;
  • Deep IP warm up;
  • Spam trap and blacklist monitoring;
  • Custom removal of flags within blacklist providers;
  • Access to extensions and integrations;
  • Drag & Drop editor;
  • SMTP access for easy transactional mail sending;
  • Maximum server computational throughput allocation for API access;
  • Dynamic inclusion of email headers;
  • SES, SparkPost, SendGrid, MailGun;
  • Subscription through the AWS SAAS Marketplace;
  • Email tracking and analytics;
  • 99% uptime SLA;
  • Detailed documentation.


MoonMail is a worthy proposition in the automated email marketing niche. Despite the relatively scarce toolkit, this service is in demand among large corporations such as Amazon and Warner Bros. But first of all, it will be of interest to small companies looking for balanced solutions for small money. You can sign up to right now and take advantage of the 14-day free trial to test all the features of MoonMail-io.

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