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Mioritichost.com is Romania-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server, Resellers, SSL. Their servers are placed in Bucharest.

Hosting services
We are offering hosting services suitable for all types of websites. If you want to build a website and don’t know how to bring it online, feel free to ask our free assistance for it. We’ll help you freely with everything you need for starting your online presence on physical machines and modern data centers.

Web domains
We’ll freely assist you in any domain acquisition you will make. Mioritichost guarantee that you’ll have full ownership over your domains. Mioritichost have partnerships with the top domains sellers in the world. With the Enom and Hexonet partnership we can provide you most extensive list of domain extensions.

SSL web certificates
For better results in Google search engine, it’s recommended to install a web certificate on your server. A web SSL certificate will also encrypt the communication and data between server and website. Mioritichost will freely help you during the acquisition and installing the SSL certificate on our servers.

The MioriticHost brand was born in 2011 as an idea to provide quality hosting services on the Romanian market. Hinter Sodtware company has been providing hosting services to its customers since 2004. Thus, in 2011, we set out to bring our experience from a software company to B2B customers mainly to customers across the hosting market Romania. We believe that hosting services can be simple, with quality support and with the very careful and professional approach of each client.

The story continued with the evolution of computing systems, with a continually evolving web-based software market with increasingly automated hosting and hosting services. The web hosting market has changed, our customers have multiplied and we decided to start in 2018 the company MIORITICHOST SRL, which took over the MioriticHost brand and continues to provide quality services.

Our promise is to ensure the good functioning of the systems available to our customers, the quality of support and the provision of the most modern solutions through partnerships with the largest web companies in the world.


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