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Miny.cc is a cryptocurrency cloud mining website. Cloud Mining enable users to mine bitcoins or alternative cryptocurrencies without managing a hardware.

What is Miny?
Miny is a cryptocurrency mining company that generates high but secure profits through a combination of cloud mining and pool mining. With the creation of an account a wallet is instantly created, where you have easy access to our mining pools.

Miny Token
The Miny Token is the trademark of our project. It will only be available during the first 12 months and acquirable only through returns and commissions that you can receive on our platform. The token, which was developed with an artificial scarcity, will always increase in value when our users sell parts of the token which they have acquired through Miny profits, as these parts will be taken out of the total supply. After 12 months, the token will be tradable on several exchanges and can be used as a medium of exchange for the purchase mining-related products and services on our platform.

Miny Cloud Pool Mining
Get access to your Miny Wallet and lease computing power through our cloud. With this high computational power we participate in mining pools. Thereby, we increase the chances to identify nonces to earn the mining rewards and transaction fees. Our mining farm with over 5000 mining devices delivers over 100,000 TH/s of power. Miny AI
Miny has incorporated Artificial Intelligence into its operations to make mining even more profitable. We can now calculate the probabilities of cryptocurrency values using this AI algorithm. The operations are set to shift to mine more valuable coins depending on the market changes, increasing the efficiency of our mining hardware devices.

The simplest mining platform to generate a passive income

10%-19% monthly mining reward, paid daily in MINY Tokens

Have full power of your finances with the private key

Refer people to MINY and benefit from commissions in up to 20 lines!

This is what it says on Miny.cc website:
Miny is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency mining company, managed by entrepreneurial and professional individuals. In November 2019, entrepreneur and early cryptocurrency enthusiast Thomas Norberg founded Miny with the vision of making mining earnings accessible to everyone around the world. We provide a huge amount of computing power for any type of miner, leading you to enormous economical growth!

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