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Midas.investments is a high yield investment program or HYIP that offers up to 1000% by investing in shared masternode. as minimal profit for investment. HYIP is an online investment program that typically offers very high returns on the capital invested.

Investment Plans: up to 1000% by investing in shared masternode.

Minimum Deposit: $10

Referral Commission: 5%

Payouts: Manual

This is what it says on Midas.investments website:

The investor should make a research on coins and choose the best to invest in. The masternode market is full of scams and low-value projects; therefore, it is essential to analyze all aspects of coins carefully. New investors could have a lack of understanding of what separates the tremendous masternode coin from the typical scam. The Midas goal is to provide analytical and educational services to help investors make the right choices. The automated coin rating accomplishes this. Moreover, the Midas team create educational content on YouTube and MN.Investments about how to choose the masternodes to invest. That way the investor that does not know what masternode are can make effective financial decisions and earn money on masternodes.”