Microsoft is Doing Beta Testing for Its Blockchain ID System

Microsoft has progressed into the second phase of testing its decentralized identity network which was first made known to the public in May.

The decentralized network, ION, is being tested in its second phase on the Bitcoin network.

Daniel Bucher who works as a program manager for Microsoft revealed on June 10 that the tech giant has started the second phase of testing the Identity Overlay Network (ION). The purpose of creating the ION is to provide a decentralized identifier (DID) for users so that they won’t have any more need for usernames.

ION is being designed to operate independently. It is a product of the joint efforts of Decentralized Identity Foundation and Microsoft. It will run without any special utility tokens or validator nodes.

Speaking about the importance of DID, Buchner said:

“The core promise of DID technology is to empower all individuals and entities with ownership and control over their identities, which aligns well with our mission of empowering every person to work, play, and achieve more.”

“To deliver on that promise, we have chosen a different path from some of the more centralized approaches to DID technologies—and we believe ION exemplifies that choice.” he added.

Although there is no fixed date for the release of the completed version of ION, Buchner assured that things will be done speedily in the next few months.

Microsoft and other blockchain achievements

In May, Microsoft acquired a new Azure Blockchain Service and an Azure Blockchain Development Kit to be used on Ethereum.

Microsoft is not the only company that knows the worth of DID technology. While Microsoft is using SideTree for its DID, ConsenSys is using Ethr-DID.

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