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MicroHost is United States-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Dedicated Server, VPS, Cloud Hosting, Website Builder, CDN, SSL, DDoS Protection Services. Their servers are placed in next locations: Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, Dallas, Frankfurt am Main. 94% of user reviews who used MicroHost are positive.

 Scalable Cloud Server
You can easily upscale & downscale your resources and make your business efficient cost effective and make yourself available for new opportunities.

Direct Console Access
Get the full Console access of the server to make some changes on the server through console.

 Enterprise SSD
We use best class enterprise SSD for a better Storage performance. MaxIOPS is our priority and offering upto 200,000 IOPS

 Full Root/Admin Access
Get Full Root/Administrator Access with our cloud server, where you have freedom to run any software according to your requirement.

Do more with MicroHost Cloud
Extend your cloud experience with monitoring services, backups, firewall, snapshots, DNS, load balancer.

Load Balancer
Distribute incoming network traffic across multiple servers within a data center so that a single device does not carry an entire load.

Cloud Firewall
Our Cloud firewalls are network level firewall with no extra cost that checks incoming and outgoing packets to filter from the access policies block malicious and unwanted traffic. You can create and manage your own virtual instance with your own defined rules in our cloud firewalls.

A networking system that allows us to connect human-friendly names to unique addresses. In simple words remembering every unique address(IP address) is a tough task. To resolve this issue we point unique addresses to a friendly name(Domain).

SERVER LOCATIONS: Delhi,  Mumbai , Singapore , Dallas,  Frankfurt am Main

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