Michigan Democrat Convention Records a Successful Blockchain Voting

The U.S. is gradually adopting blockchain voting as it has just been used in a virtual convention.

Although the blockchain voting platform, Voatz, has been given several negative reviews resulting from security and technical challenges, it appears to have impressed attendees at the Michigan Democratic Party State Nominating Convention after it was used successfully for voting.

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, a meeting of 1,900 representatives was held for two days from August 29 to August 30. One of the main purposes of organizing the meeting was to select those that will stand a chance to lead the Supreme Court and educational boards of various institutions at the state level, including state universities.

Chrisy Jensen, Michigan Democratic Party’s Executive Director felt so happy after the convention that he said: “There were so many unique challenges with this year’s convention because of the pandemic, but the Voatz platform eased many of our concerns.”

“Voatz enabled our delegates to be verified remotely and participate through their smartphones,” he added.

The Michigan Democratic Party has used Voatz three times before now but this is the first time it is doing so since the pandemic started. Voatz has also been used successfully for elections in West Virginia, Utah, and other parts of the U.S. Nevertheless, there are complaints about it.

Voatz, which originates from Massachusetts, is sometimes disliked for not being up to standard in data security. Some MIT researchers discovered that there were weaknesses on the app that made its security questionable. When Voatz heard about the researchers’ report, it said their methods were questionable.

The security challenges means that election results can be manipulated and voters’ data can also be stolen. Because of what the MIT researchers said, West Virginia decided it would suspend the use of the voting platform.

Notwithstanding, the blockchain voting platform was later used in April to conduct an election at the Utah Republican state convention. The CEO of Voatz, Nimit Sawhney, said everything went as planned during the exercise.

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