Mexico Record More Ransomware and Cryptojacking Cases

In Mexico, studies have shown residents no longer want to use public cloud networks because of an increase in cryptojacking cases.

Users of public cloud networks in Mexico have noticed a rise in cryptojacking and ransomware attacks for some months now.

EI Economista reported that nearly 75% of companies in Mexico using cloud networks such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have had security issues so Mexicans no longer trust them. Not up to 33% of Mexicans have confidence in the security of cloud network.

Ransomware attacks 

When the security is low, threat actors can increase the harm they cause such as launching ransomware. Not too long ago, an oil company called Pemex became a victim of the DoppelPaymer gang.

In Mexico now, there are numerous cases of cloud computing resources being used by unknown people suspected to be cybercriminals. These criminals use the resources to mine crypto. The cryptos mined by these groups are yet to be disclosed.

Alain Karioty, the one in charge of sales for the cybersecurity firm, Netskope in Latin America told EI Economista that companies being attacked do not know the security measures to adopt for cloud computing.

Leonardo Granda, an engineer at Sophos in Latin America talked like someone who knew how to stop the security attacks:

“This data loss is often due to poorly configured public access in shared cloud storage and by leaving data sources open for cyber attackers to search for them using tools such as the specialized search engine Shodan they can exfiltrate them.”

Countries in Latin America are the recent targets

The National Police of Colombia conducted a research and came to realize few months ago that ransomeware attacks in the country are increasing.

According to the research nearly one-third of ransomware attacks in Latin America are aimed at Colombia. Public entities in the country need to boost their security measures to avoid further successful attempts.

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