MetaMask Creates Something New but It’s Not for Free to All

Money is spent to get something valuable in this life.

MetaMask has come up with a new method of obtaining authorization for the use of its products.

MetaMask announced this on its blog. It said the update isn’t for end-users, a bigger percentage of app developers and non-profit organizations. Instead, these groups won’t have to pay anything.

The company said it was dedicated to making sure its applications can be used on various ecosystems. It also said nothing about its codes will be absent in a public repository.

Is MetaMask Useful for Commercial Purposes?

Metamask is inviting developers that want to make use of its codebase commercially to sign a deal. This is how MetaMask announced it:

“For example, if you’ve copied MetaMask and offer it commercially to an audience larger than 10,000 monthly active users, we would like to enter into a formal commercial agreement.”

MetaMask said it was important to take this step because it needs motivation in terms of financial assistance to continue providing the best for its customers.

It should be remembered that MetaMask added new features to its Ethereum wallet for the eighth time a month ago. The new features include an improved privacy control and a new way to access one’s account.

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