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MboaHost is Cameroon-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS. Their servers are placed in next locations: Secaucus, Los Angeles.

Why choose MboaHost?
Launched in 2016, MboaHost is the initiative of young Cameroonians passionate about Technologies. Our goal is to raise the level of Web Hosting offers in Cameroon, by offering secure, stable, efficient servers at competitive prices.

Why you should subscribe to our shared hosting offers
Do you want to boost your online presence, launch your personal blog or do you need a website for your business? We are sure that we can help you beyond your expectations. Our shared hosting is based on secure, high-performance and reliable servers to host your files and emails. ALL of our packages are offered with the following features:

cPanel Software
cPanel is the most recognized linux web hosting control panel, accessible via a user-friendly and intuitive graphical interface.

 Free domain name
A domain name is offered to you. The extensions concerned: .cm .com .org .business .name .net .africa.com .biz .info .pw

 MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
Depending on the needs of your applications, take advantage of the robustness of Postgre or the simplicity of MySQL.

Install hundreds of apps with one click!¬†It can be CMS (Joomla, WordPress …), Framwworks (Laravel, Codeigniter), etc …

 Weekly Backups
Every Sunday, we make an incremental backup of all your content. In the event of an incident, your content can be restored.

 Immediate Activation
Your accounts are automatically activated after online payment via MOBILE MONEY (MTN and ORANGE), EXPRESS UNION and BITCOIN

 AUTO SSL certificates
Switch to HTTPS Free thanks to the AUTO SSL certificates offered for each domain name subscribed! Learn More

 Free Migration
Do you want to change your host and start Hosting WITHOUT STRESS with MboaHost? We help you migrate your files and emails for free.

 Technical assistance
Our technicians aim to make you FANs of MboaHost . Please do not hesitate to contact our support.

 Package change
You can switch from one package to another at any time, as long as certain conditions are met. Learn More

We absolutely keep you informed of all changes occurring in the world of the web that may be of interest to you.

 Dedicated servers
When your applications have grown in size, you will need to migrate them to dedicated hosting, notably VPS.

SERVER LOCATIONS: Secaucus , Los Angeles

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