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Matcha was created by 0x to be a decentralized exchange that will give consumers the best experience.  Matcha gets news about prices and access to cash-inflows that come from decentralized exchanges such as Oasis and Kyber through its 0x Mesh and 0x API. Matcha gives its members the best available order by using an automated process.

Matcha’s utmost concern is to be the first choice of any person who has the need to do on-chain swapping. According to its General Manager, Chris Kalani, the process is meant to be fast and simple without forcing individuals to own an account. Matcha also believes it has a role to play in making users know more about DeFi assets. As a result, it has dedicated some of its pages to educate them on what some of these assets are and also presented the lessons with token shortcuts.


0x has been a very successful Ethereum-based project in pulling liquidity since it was created. So many people believed in 0x that in less than one day, the ICO it organized for ZRX native token led to the realization of $24 Million. ZRX serves two main functions: 1) to be a governance token so that members can also have their say on important matters 2) to be an interest-yielding token when owners give it to provide liquidity. The amount of ZRX each person donates corresponds to how much profit he/she can gain from it.

For a long time, 0x decided to be anonymous while it gave consent to other projects that decided to bank on it for their development. 0x can count several decentralized exchanges and DeFi projects that have relied on it for their existence. You can visit the 0x review page to know more about it.

Matcha came into existence on June 30 after a long time of thorough testing.

Reasons to choose Matcha

It has been the organizers’ goal to provide an easy-to-use interface right from day one. On the home page, you will see the abbreviations of the tokens they accept and with the search bar, one can easily know if a trading pair of interest is available. This reduces the time required to begin a trade.

Matcha will readily get information from 0x Mesh, Curve, Kyber, Oasis, and a host of other firms making their contributions to Decentralized Finance. Matcha users are lucky to have a platform that can tell them the price of an asset from different protocols at once and also divide their trades among many of them to minimize fees.

Another thing to be valued about Matcha is that it holds education in high esteem. Compared to other exchanges, Matcha happens to be one in a million that cares about letting users know about the assets they are interested in so that they can have proper guidance on what to do next. This is the sole reason behind the creation of the assets page.

Many new comers to decentralized exchanges feel discouraged to continue after some time because they find it difficult to understand the technical terms that are required of them to know. Oftentimes, DeFi users make losses from price slippage and the mistakes they make from typing errors when trying to open positions. These mistakes, when made more than once or twice discourage them from continuing in the act. To prevent these occurrences, Matcha breaks down every technical language so that users will not have a misunderstanding when using their platform. In addition, it has employed measures to guard against the loss of user funds. It is Matcha’s call to keep coaching its users so that they can have a better understanding of blockchain technology.

To ensure this, Matcha will always present a summary of what a user has entered for a trade before it is finally executed. This will contain the fees involved, and the time it will take to be effected assuming the network has so many requests to process at the same time.

Even someone who is not experienced in opening positions can do that like a professional on Matcha. Their price information is always accurate and in case you missed any update in the past, you can check the chart to know what the prices were up to one month ago. It is possible to enter a trade immediately or make it pending so that it becomes activated once it reaches a desired price.

Belonging to Matcha
The first thing to do if you are interested in Matcha is by going to the website over here.

Matcha, sometimes, offers discounts on gas fees so you can do well to know when it is happening to also benefit.

Matcha’s Twitter and blog are also places to get first-hand information about the decentralized exchange.

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