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Marsalek Found in Belarus; Russia’s FSB Suspected to Have Covered Him

Marsalek Found in Belarus; Russia’s FSB Suspected to Have Covered Him

The Chief Operating Officer of Wirecard has been found and it is suspected that Russia intelligence may have covered him all along.

One-time COO of wirecard, Jan Marsalek, has been found in Belarus after he was reported to have gone to the Philippines in June in search of the 2 billion Euro missing from the company’s accounts.

It was said that Marsalek went to the Philippines from Manila before entering China from Cebu City last month. According to the authorities in Philippines, Marsalek couldn’t have been in the country and there was no record of any flight from Cebu to China.

Fake travel history

Bellingcat, an investigative reporter said there was never a time when Marsalek traveled to the Philippines during the period of his search. According to their investigations, Marsalek was aided by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) to escape being caught:

“FSB has complete control over the Russian border service, and thus over the centralized Russia-Belarus border database. Therefore, any manipulation of data would have to be done at the behest of, or at least with the consent of, the FSB. If this were to happen, this would indicate a direct collaboration between Jan Marsalek and the FSB…”

It was stated that the FSB stopped following up on Marsalek’s international trips in 2018. It was later discovered that the former COO had three different passports plus a third-country diplomatic passport. From what was seen on FSB’s immigration data in Russia, it looks as if the security service in Russia had been interested in Marsalek for a long time. Marsalek always found his way to Russia whenever he wanted to.

Since Philippines couldn’t see any record of Marsalek entering the country, there was suspicion that some other country was covering him up. Bellingcat also discovered that Marsalek told a friend that he was in a country where the president has been in office for 25 years. Bellingcat thought that Marsalek may have been in Russia all the while since his flight to Belarus only took place on June 19. Both Belarus and Russia have a common border.

Before now, it was reported that Jan Marsalek was proud of his relationship with Russian Intelligence  services and proved he knew about the chemical weapons the country used in the UK.

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