Make money at AxieInfinity: how much you can earn?


You can make money at AxieInfinity in a variety of ways. First of all you can win the battles and get the victory bonuses. Also you can breed and sell Axies. If you do not want to breed or fight you can just feel like an investor and bet on other players’ victory. Also if you have money you can rent and resale land plots.
And now in more detail about each individual direction.


Players are primarily interested in how much you can earn by participating in battles. An experienced player can earn from 100 to 200 SLP per day. The amount in fiat currency can be converted at the rate of the current day, and you will immediately understand the profitability of the game.
It’s funny but Axie Infinity is especially popular in the Philippines. Due to the economic crisis provoked in the region by the pandemic, many people began to actively look for alternative sources of income. And AxieInfinity became a way out of the situation.
Filipino players earn millions of dollars a year. The lucky ones manage to hit the big jackpot and earn a fortune. The story of 22-year-old John Aaron Ramos, who bought two houses in the Philippines with money earned on a gaming platform is really amazing. An income of over a thousand dollars is the approximate money that a more or less experienced player can make here.

AXS and SLP tokens

New users increase demand for Axie breeding and project tokens. The growth in the price of SLP and AXS is provided by the overall growth in the number of players. This trend was especially active after the protocol moved to Ronin. This sidechain of the Ethereum network was developed specifically for the game.
The team worked hard on the migration. Ronin integration made the game faster and more scalable. In addition, the problem of high commissions was solved.
After the game was migrated, the SLP token grew in price by almost 11 times in a few days. The number of people wishing to register in the game has sharply increased. Such countries as the Philippines, Venezuela, Cuba, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar were especially active.
As new players enter the game, they need more and more SLP and AXS to participate in the gameplay. Naturally, an increase in demand provokes an increase in prices. Another reason for the rise was the launch of grants for those users who do not have start-up capital. An extra Axie is provided as a grant by a benefactor. In return, the benefactor gets a percentage of the winnings.

Real estate

Investments in land plots also show high returns in AxieInfinity. Digital real estate in the metaverse has risen in value by thousands of percent over the past year. In particular, the co-founder of the Illuvium project, Kieran Warwick, bought the site for $300 in mid-2020, and sold it on July 13 for $28,000. The profit was more than 9,000%, so the investor is quite optimistic about his earnings in the future.


If the growth rate of the project continues, Axie Infinity will break all records in the near future.
It is an interesting and very ambitious project. It can become a kind of guide in the NFT gaming niche. In addition, it opens up a lot of opportunities for investors. So far, AxieInfinity has been a relatively affordable way to invest in the NFT asset market.

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