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Mailsenpai is Italy-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server. Their servers are placed in next locations: Paris, Milano, Bologna, New York. 100% of user reviews who used Mailsenpai are positive.

Dashboard Panoramica
Easily view counters for the number of email lists, campaigns, subscribers, newsletter templates, as well as recently sent campaign statistics and a detailed report on the latest recent activity.

Email List Management
Manage email lists, subscriber lists, segment lists, custom fields, form lists, and page lists.

Email List Tools
Do you need to split a large list into multiple small lists? Or do you want to synchronize multiple existing mailing lists into a single list? There are features for this type of action.

Email Blacklist
A blacklist of emails reserved for each customer. Once placed on this blacklist of e-mail addresses, they will not receive any further communication from that moment.

Suppression Lists
Suppression lists can be selected based on the campaign sent so that it is not sent to subscribers on the selected suppression list. This feature is complementary to that of email blacklists.

Campaign Management
Manage regular newsletter campaigns, autoresponders or recurring companions. Create custom newsletter or tag groups for your campaign.

Email Templates
Create and order as many email templates as you need. Or use one of those made available by the Mailsenpai team.

Delivery Server
We can allow customers to add their own delivery servers to our newsletter sending software and also decide how many and which types are allowed (e.g. Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mandrill, etc.)

Bounce Server
We may allow customers to add their own bounce servers according to specific quantities.

Server Di Feedback Loop
We can allow customers to add their own feedback loop servers (to automatically handle abuse) in specific quantities. By default and to prevent abuse this feature will be enabled by the mailsenpai team.

Email Monitor
Mailsenpai allows customers to add their own inbox monitors according to specific quantities. With this feature, you can automatically unsubscribe from emails that match certain rules you set.

Sending Domains
We can allow customers to add their own sending domains according to specific quantities. This function allows you to enable your domains (business only) to send newsletters.

Tracking Domains
Mailsenpai allows customers to add their own tracking domains according to specific quantities. Thanks to this function you can add different domains to track the newsletters sent.

API Keys
Create API keys to allow external application (CMS, CRM) to connect to your account and perform various actions such as: add new subscribers, create campaigns, etc.

Survey Overview
We can allow customers to create and schedule their own surveys. With this extension you will be able to send surveys to your subscribers and find out their personal preferences.

SERVER LOCATIONS: Paris,  Milano,  Bologna , New York

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