Mailigen Email marketing platform review, mailigen-com advantages and disadvantages

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Mailigen is an SMS and Email marketing platform that offers customers a wide range of tools to automate their mailing, high-quality analytics and experiment with different formats. The system also opens up access to a large knowledge base with valuable training materials that will help a newbie understand the intricacies of mailing as a way to interact with the target audience and expand the client base. Mailigen-com is recognized by professionals who consider the service to be one of the most convenient and efficient in terms of delivering messages via Email and SMS.

The platform offers several pricing plans at affordable prices. You can pay for the company’s services using:

  1. PayPal;
  2. Webmoney;
  3. Money;
  4. Credit card;
  5. Telegraphic Transfer (TT).

Mailigen also lets you test its capabilities for 30 days absolutely free.

Platform functionality

Mailigen offers its users a rich toolkit and user-friendly interface to implement any marketing tasks. Below are the key features.

Template constructor

Mailigen offers a convenient and functional Drag & Drop email builder. You can fill promotional materials with any text, graphics and video using this tool. At the same time, all templates are adaptive, which means they will look organic on any display. A nice addition is the option to preview letters on various devices and email providers.

The builder has 9 main functional blocks:

  • Title;
  • Picture;
  • Text;
  • Button;
  • Video;
  • RSS;
  • Social profiles;
  • Dynamic content;
  • Horizontal separator.

Also the constructor’s functionality lets you implement custom Call-to-action buttons and link buttons that lead to pages on social networks. You can create templates from scratch or customize ready-made solutions to suit your needs and tastes using this tool.

Split testing

Such an important tool as A / B testing lets you identify the most effective and attractive letters for your target audience. Mailigen-com has implemented this tool very well. You can test any item such as text content, CTA buttons, week days and sending time, email headers and sender names. As an indicator of effectiveness, you can use the number of clicks on the target link or the opened messages percentage. The size of the split testing segment is determined by the creator of the advertising campaign.


Automation tools significantly speed up many processes and free from a routine. One of the most important options is sending messages if a trigger is being fired. You can flexibly customize scenarios for your marketing goals. If the trigger condition is met, the message will be automatically sent to the target recipient.

The settings lets you activate automatic sending:

  1. After subscription;
  2. After clicking on a link;
  3. After opening a letter;
  4. In relation to the date (holiday, birthday);
  5. When changing a field in a database;
  6. At checkout.

Mailigen also has a series of ready-made letters, including both ordinary welcome letters and “wake-up” letters for pinging inactive users.

API Integration and surveys

A Mailigen user can integrate third-party services into campaign, including form builders, landing pages and pop-ups, content management systems, social networks, CRM systems and e-commerce platforms.

An important part of Mailigen’s functionality is a poll builder with such features as:

  • Real time statistics;
  • Statistic exporting to XLS and PDF;
  • Survey integration into a website by inserting the code;
  • Customizable ready-made survey templates;
  • Personalized invitation to take part in the survey;
  • Creating polls from scratch using a multifunctional editor;
  • Automatic segmentation of the customer base according to the surveys results.

SMS sending

Mailigen works with hundreds of providers around the world to ensure efficient delivery of messages to customers without geographic restrictions. The system offers such features as:

  • SMS sending automation;
  • Setting the sending time and date;
  • Extended message limits (up to 918 characters);
  • Setting an random sender name;
  • Tag-based personalization;
  • Telephone base importing using XLS-file;
  • Contacts segmentation;
  • Subscription forms constructor.


Mailigen-com has a flexible pricing policy. The cost of the service suite directly depends on the subscribers quantity. Below there is Mailigen’s pricing schedule:

  • Up to 500 subscribers ($ 10 per month);
  • Up to 1000 subscribers ($ 15 per month);
  • Up to 2,500 subscribers ($ 25 per month);
  • Up to 5000 subscribers ($ 40 per month);
  • Up to 7,500 subscribers ($ 50 per month);
  • Up to 10,000 subscribers ($ 60 per month);
  • Up to 15,000 subscribers ($ 84 per month);
  • Up to 50,000 subscribers ($ 200 per month);
  • Up to 100,000 subscribers ($ 400 per month);
  • Up to 150,000 subscribers ($ 555 per month).

At the same time, the standard options set includes:

  • Unlimited mail sending;
  • Unlimited senders;
  • Unlimited admin accounts;
  • 1 GB storage for images and files;
  • Free templates gallery;
  • Automation based on behavioral triggers;
  • User-friendly Drag & Drop constructor;
  • Split testing;
  • Dynamic content;
  • Embedded images;
  • RSS and XML campaigns;
  • Custom registration forms;
  • Subscribers segmentation;
  • Integration with Google Analytics;
  • API integration with third-party services;
  • Custom click tracking domain;
  • Webhooks;
  • SMS marketing;
  • Online polls;
  • Support (phone, chat, Email).


Mailigen is a convenient and inexpensive Email and SMS messaging service that accepts payments through many EPS. The combination of flexible pricing, powerful functionality and user-friendly interface make this platform popular all over the world. Many positive reviews on thematic forums confirm the convenience of the service for both experienced marketers and beginners. Therefore, if you are looking for a functional solution for communicating with your target audience via SMS and Email, then sign up for and take advantage of the 30-day trial period to test the capabilities of this tool.

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