MailChimp marketing service review, mailchimp-com advantages and disadvantages

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MailChimp is a popular email marketing automation service. The product is distinguished by functionality and user-friendly interface. Among the positive aspects of MailChimp, experts point out easy integration with third-party services. With MailChimp you can manage advertising campaigns both from a PC and mobile device, which is an important advantage. In addition, MailChimp-com will delight you with high reliability and a lot of available tools, the list of which is constantly expanding.

Despite the fact that the MailChimp platform provides its services on a paid basis, for novice users there is an opportunity to use a free plan (up to 2,000 subscribers and up to 10,000 emails per month). You can pay for the services using a credit card or PayPal.


MailChimp offers 4 pricing plans, 3 of which are paid. The terms are presented below.


  • Price: $ 0 per month;
  • Customer database limit: 2.000;
  • Sending limit: 10.000;
  • 7 marketing channels;
  • Automation of a unified e-mail;
  • 5 letter templates;


  • Price for 500 subscribers: $ 9.99 per month;
  • Price for 50,000 subscribers: $ 270 per month;
  • All options of the FREE tariff plan;
  • All email templates;
  • A / B testing;
  • Individual branding;
  • 24/7 support.


  • Price for 500 subscribers: $ 14.99 per month;
  • Price per 100,000 subscribers: $ 540 per month;
  • All ESSENTIALS tariff plan options;
  • Automation tools;
  • Retargeting advertising;
  • Custom email templates;
  • Advanced audience analysis.


  • Price for 10,000 subscribers: $ 299 per month;
  • Price for 200,000 subscribers: $ 1.190 per month;
  • All STANDARD tariff plan options;
  • Advanced segmentation;
  • Multivariate testing;
  • Unlimited number of admins;
  • Flexible access settings;
  • Phone support.

More details about the specifics of each plan can be found on the official website


MailChimp’s interface is definitely a strong point of the service. It is based on a horizontal menu, which includes the following items:

  • Campaigns. In this section, Email campaigns are configured and launched.
  • Templates. This tab is used for making layout and template editing.
  • Lists. Menu for generating mailing lists and creating forms.
  • Reports. Section of statistics which generates reports about active and completed Email campaigns.
  • Photos. A section for uploading images, templates, forms and other files that are used in a marketing campaign.
  • Automation. Menu for automating communication processes with the target audience according to behavioral triggers.

There is also a vertical drop-down menu, which includes the following submenus:

  • Notification – for storing incoming notifications;
  • Profile – for editing account information and setting up notifications;
  • Connected Sites – for managing and viewing websites connected to your account;
  • Account – for setting up an account;
  • Log Out.

Overall, MailChimp’s interface is intuitive, so even an inexperienced beginner can figure it out.

Form constructor

Using this tool you can create subscription forms for your newsletters. Each designed form can be easily integrated into a website, embedded in a letter or provided to the client as a separate webpage by link.

Forms are created with ready-made templates. A user can change the position of functional elements with Drag & Drop tool. Using the Field settings menu you can add elements such as text, Email and others.

The appearance of the form is configured through the “Design it” tab, where four functional elements are presented:

  • Page;
  • Form;
  • Objects;

You can change the font, text size and color. An important option is the built-in translator, which lets you select the default language and configure different language versions of the form.

The platform developers make it possible to specify and customize:

  • Title;
  • Mandatory / optional fields;
  • User’s interests list;
  • Email display format (text / HTML);
  • Width of the form in pixels;
  • JavaScript activation / deactivation;
  • Other options.

The possibilities for creating forms in MailChimp-com are conditionally unlimited. You can experiment with designs, formats, different margins and other elements to your liking.

Email building

In order to start a mailing campaign, you need to:

  1. Confirm domain;
  2. Create a list of contacts;
  3. Develop a template;
  4. Set up a campaign.

The first step is the easiest, since you only need to prove ownership of the specific domain the mailing will be carried out from. After a short procedure, you can proceed to the second step. There should be no difficulty in creating a mailing list either. The system makes it possible to indicate:

  1. List name;
  2. Sender’s address (where replies will be sent);
  3. Sender name;
  4. Information about subscribing (for users);
  5. Name of the company / organization that sends the letters;
  6. Sender’s legal / physical address;
  7. Sender’s city, ZIP-code, country;
  8. Contact phone number of the company / organization;
  9. Contact Email to receive notifications.

After setting up the contact list, it remains to fill it with subscribers. This can be done either manually or through import with a CSV or TXT file.

The next step is to create a letter template. All this is done in a convenient constructor, where there are basic templates, fonts and pictures in varopius thematic categories. Making a layout is also available without using a constructor by coding.

The final stage before launching an Email campaign is setting it up. A user needs to choose one of four available options:

  1. Regular – a letter in HTML format;
  2. Automated – setting up automatic messages that are sent when a trigger is on;
  3. Plain-text – text without formatting and images;
  4. A / B Test – a split experiment to identify the most successful text, design and sending time.

As you can see, the platform offers rich opportunities for setting up your email marketing campaign.


MailChimp is perhaps the most famous and demanded mailing automation service. It combines rich toolkit and loyal pricing policy, flexible tariff plans and integration with third-party applications. Searching for a convenient and functional product in the email marketing field, it makes sense to pay attention to MailChimp-com. This service deserves high marks among experts.

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