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Lynero is Denmark-based hosting company. They offer the following services: VPS, Dedicated Server. Their servers are placed in Denmark.

Lynero is a specialized company that provides bespoke hosting in the heavy weight class.
We are the business’s professional operating and hosting partner when it comes to open source software, UNIX and non-traditional hosting needs, and our employees have experience in building complex systems that require special operational skills.
We combine our knowledge of demanding operation and hosting with a data center where a strategic focus is placed on high performance and security.

Our focus
As many companies today choose to focus on their core business, we at Lynero specialize in taking over responsibility for all or part of a company’s IT operations. We have extensive experience with the operation of various open source applications and software used by customers in business-critical solutions such as telephone systems, database management, highly loaded web solutions and business software. Overall, you can divide our solutions into two types:

Server Hosting – Rent a Lynero server
Managed Hosting – Operation of software on Lynero server
Basically, we perceive ourselves as an “extra department” of the company, and emphasize a good collaboration with our customers, which ensures that our solution becomes a valuable part of our customers’ business.


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