Long Tail Pro SEO tool review, longtailpro-com advantages and disadvantages

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Long Tail Pro is a highly specialized SEO tool that will help you form a high-quality semantic core or significantly expand an existing one by using the so-called “long-tail” keywords. The promotion strategy, which is at the heart of Long Tail Pro’s philosophy, is to generate a wide range of relevant low-frequency keywords that will be easier to promote than competitive keywords. Thus, the SEO specialist collects a promising semantic core, which will become a source of stable organic traffic.

The range of main tasks of Long Tail Pro includes:

  1. searching for long tail keywords;
  2. identification of relevant key queries;
  3. monitoring the dynamics of competitors’ promotion;
  4. tracking positions of promoted website according to semantic core;
  5. creation of additional opportunities to expand the semantics.

LongTailPro-com is offered for a fee. A user can pay for one of the offered pricing plans using VISA, Mastercard, Discover or American Express credit cards. A trial period is also available for two service suites for a nominal fee.

Tool features

Even from the name of the service, it is clear that the creators of the Long Tail Pro SEO focused specifically on finding low-frequency rare keywords. Considering that the collection of the semantic core is one of the most important stages of search engine optimization, the tool will be useful both for large digital companies and private webmasters. Long Tail Pro gives you the ability to optimize your website content as much as possible based on tracked related relevant keywords.

This service is able to open such niches in search queries that the SEO-specialist did not even know about. By entering the keyword you will get a list of several hundred associated long-tailed keys. The convenience of the service is that all the data can be sorted and exported in table format.

Tracking competitors

LongTailPro-com also offers rich competitor monitoring capabilities. The user just needs to enter the domain or page of the competing project, and the system will display the entire list of keywords for which a particular website or page is being promoted. According to this data, you can conduct a comprehensive semantic analysis of a competitor’s website and form your own content strategy.

Competitive analysis is an important step in SEO activity. The Long Tail Pro makes it possible to assess the strength of competitors as objectively as possible through the main indicators, such as:

  • Trust Flow;
  • Citation Flow;
  • Domain age;
  • Number of backlinks.

Competitor data lets you realistically assess your ability to compete with other projects. According to this data, Long Tail Pro will suggest the optimal balance of PPC and SEO.

Difficulty rank

Another important option of Long Tail Pro is the estimation of the difficulty of promotion for a key request. The service distributes all found keys by difficulty into categories: low, medium and high. The difficulty ranking is assessed on a point scale from 0 to 100, where 0 means the easiest and 100 means extremely difficult. The program makes it possible to concentrate on a large number of low-frequency (up to 500 queries per month) keywords, which greatly facilitates promotion and generates high-quality organic traffic.

Dynamics monitoring

Tracking “long-tail” keywords is carried out after you have collected the semantic core and created relevant content on your site. To understand the effectiveness of the chosen strategy, Long Tail Pro offers a convenient tool for monitoring the dynamics of SEO. If the high-frequency keys can still be checked manually, then in the case of a large number of low-frequency keys, a handy tool is needed. This is what Long Tail Pro offers, greatly simplifying the life of an internet marketer.

Knowledge base

In addition to the described functionality, the service also provides access to an extensive knowledge base. The video course will be especially useful for beginners who can master the basics of collecting keywords and creating responsive and relevant content. There are also advanced tutorials for advanced users that make it possible to use 100% of the tool’s functionality.


Long Tail Pro platform offers 3 paid plans under the following terms.


  • Price: $ 37 per month;
  • Keywords checks limit: 800 per day;
  • KC calculation limit: 800 per day;
  • SERP keywords search limit: 800 per day;
  • Custom difficulty targets;
  • Keyword profitability;
  • CPC and advertiser competition;
  • Filtering and keywords grouping;
  • Unlimited data export;
  • Keyword tracking: 30
  • Unlimited domain monitoring;
  • Daily rank updates;
  • Email notifications;
  • Limit of projects for audit: 2;
  • Page number limit for 1 scan: 250;
  • Number of crawls per day: 2;
  • Scans per project: 2;
  • Simultaneous logins: 1;
  • Email and live chat support.


  • Price: $ 67 per month;
  • All Starter options;
  • Keywords checks limit: 2500 per day;
  • KC calculation limit: 2500 per day;
  • SERP keywords search limit: 2500 per day;
  • Keyword tracking: 200
  • Limit of projects for audit: 5;
  • Page number limit for 1 scan: 1000;
  • Number of crawls per day: 10;
  • Scans per project: 10;
  • Simultaneous logins: 3;
  • SEO specialist calls: 1 per month;
  • SEO templates and worksheets.


  • Price: $ 147 per month;
  • All Pro options;
  • Keywords checks limit: 6000 per day;
  • KC calculation limit: 6000 per day;
  • SERP keywords search limit: 6000 per day;
  • Keyword tracking: 1000
  • Limit of projects for audit: 10;
  • Page number limit for 1 scan: 2000;
  • Number of crawls per day: 30;
  • Scans per project: 30;
  • Simultaneous logins: 5;
  • SEO specialist calls: 2 per month.

Also, for $ 8 each user can get access to a 7-day trial period to test service in practice. In addition, when buying a subscription, you can save money by paying for a year and getting 4 free months of use as a gift.


Long Tail Pro is an easy-to-use and functional tool that will be a great addition to your basic SEO toolkit. It is suitable for promoting both content projects and commercial portals. In terms of collecting the semantic core, it has no equal, so it can be safely used as an auxiliary tool for the implementation of a long-term SEO strategy for generating organic traffic. You can learn more about the advantages of LongTailPro-com on the official website.

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