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About LOHN

ICO Start




The trading platform lohncontract.com developed by lohncontrol.com will be a dynamic, complex ecosystem that will integrate all parties involved into a lohn contract and their relationships will be managed independently in the blockchain through the lohncontrol Smart Contract that will release the payments due to each one to fulfill the tasks initially allocated. The main actors of this ecosystem will be buyers from developed economies who want to produce quality and cheap goods and manufacturers from developing economies interested in these orders. The platform will provide small and medium-sized businesses around the world with access to some of the business opportunities currently reserved to major economic players, linking through disruptive technology-blockchain niche projects to manufacturing and commercialization of industrial goods, projects which exploits the appeal of consumer markets for quality products at competitive prices.

Token Info
Token LOHN
Platform Ethereum
Type utility
Tokens for Sale 400,000,000
Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Price in ICO 0.0600 USD
Distributed in ICO 40%
Raised Unknown

Timeline / Roadmap

Q1 2017

Established bursadelohn.ro a regional hub for the processing economy. It's our working platform ,also our MVP (minimum viable product) and is the first operational trading platform which precedes lohncontract.com

Q1 2019

Upgrade MVP bursadelohn.ro. Sketching of the lohncontract.com platform architecture

Q2 2019

Listing LOHN on ICO platforms.

Q3 2019


Q4 2019

Private sale. 100.000.000 LOHN Discount 50% for early investors.

Q1 2020

Operational VS 1.0 smart contract lohncontrol.com, blockchain solutions for processing economy. Building of the lohncontract.com platform architecture

Q2 2020

Is finished ecosystem between lohncontract.com and lohncontrol.com. The smart contract lohncontrol governs this ecosystem.

Q3 2020

Branches establishment in Ethiopia and Maroc. Branches aim to attract local producers to the platform.

Q4 2020

Branches establishment in Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. Branches aim to attract local producers to the platform.

Q1 2021

Branches establishment in Cuba, Costa Rica and Chile. Branches aim to attract local producers to the platform.

Q2 2021

lohncontract.com runs 0.1% from world industrial production in lohn. This means 10B USD. ARV=10B AT=500M (into an optimistic scenario because AT could be 250M} ATL=50% (into an optimistic scenario because ATL could be 40%) MkLV=ARV/ATxATL=10B/500Mx50%=40 USD or MkLV=ARV/ATxATL=10B/250Mx40%=100 USD Market LOHN Value is the minimum token value to sustain the trading platform.

Team Members

Team Members
Irina Masnita
Industrial engineering
Team Members
Laurentiu Popa
Team Members
Oana Taroiu
Quality manager
Team Members
Sorin Visinescu
Risk manager
Team Members
Raphael Ragaven
Logistics manager
Team Members
Andrei Danciu
Team Members
Daniela Ghitoiu
Customers manager
Team Members
Vasile LUPU
Art Director
Team Members
Hakan Isidogru
Strategy & business development
Team Members
Ovidiu Stancalie
Industrial engineering
Team Members
Catalin Iordache
Concept manager
Team Members
Hamza Khan
Team Members
Sean Brizendine
Team Members
Narcis Ciobotariu
Blockchain developer
Team Members
Daniel Mihai - Coinsby Agency
Team Members
Laszlo Szabo

About LOHN

About LOHN

Why lohncontrol.com ?

     lohncontrol.com is a real business project that will build a business services platform called lohncontract.com for processing economy in over 30 industry branches. On this platform, the companies from developed economies will be the buyers and will launch production orders for various consumer goods to the production companies in emerging economies that can produce commodities at competitive prices due to the cheap labor they have and the proximity of raw materials at low prices. 

     lohncontract.com will evolve as a complex ecosystem in which, besides buyers and manufacturers, will be present the suppliers of raw materials, logistics, quality management, industrial process management, legal services and settlement of payments between the parties. The relationship between them will be managed in blockchain through the  lohncontrol smart contract.

      At present, the annual production achieved in lohn globally exceeds 10,000 B $, representing 10% of Gross Domestic Product.

    Lohncontrol   technology. Proof-of-Tasks for blockchain platforms.

    Lohncontrol project proposes a blockchain platforms dedicated consensus protocol that builds upon the Proof-of-Tasks by implementing it with Proof-of-Stake architecture of Ethereum smart contract.

    How does Proof-of-Tasks work?

     In the Proof-of-Tasks blockchain consensus protocol the platform lohncontract.com create only the template of the blocks. Such a template has two things in them – the header information about tasks and the reward address for the validators.  The header information inside a block points to a random stakeholder. These stakeholders then validate the pre-created blocks. The more stack a validator holds, the chances of them approving a block increases. Only after the validation, that particular block gets into the blockchain.This is how Proof-of-Tasks uses the best of the consensus algorithm features Proof-of-Stake to validate and add a block to the blockchain. Moreover, the network pays both: the platform blocks creator (lohncontract.com) and the validators the fair share of the transactional fees. Thus the system acts against the “tragedy of the commons” and creates a better solution for block validation.

    The impact of the Proof-of-Tasks consensus protocol is similar with Proof-of-Stake : more secured against any attack and  a not power-hungry system. The lohncontrol Smart Contract will work through dedicated APIs for each section of the platform.

     Given that Ethereum 2.0(Serenity) launch is just around the corner, we’ll efficientize the work by focusing our development efforts on writing smart contracts following architectures optimized for the features introduced with it.Doing so we’ll be able to have cheaper transactions, faster transactions and confirmation times through attestations, being able to scale horizontally across shards to possibly thousands of transactions/second as well as take advantage of many other features within the newest version of Ethereum compared to the current dApps deployed on the current Proof-of-Work Ethereum blockchain which will continue to have most of the limitations that they have now.Doing so we won’t have to spend resources on re-architecting the decentralized application, rewriting the code and migrating it on Ethereum 2.0 as it is not backwards compatible with the current Ethereum blockchain.

    How  the LOHN token price calculation algorithm works ?

    The use of the platform by buyers, as manufacturing order makers is conditional upon the immobilisation in a lohncontrol smart contract of a number of LOHN tokens equal to the amount that it has to pay for the placed order. This means that all the time active request value (AVR) must be covered by LOHN tokens value. If the active requests amount increases, the LOHN tokens that are in a predetermined number will have to cover this value and automatically will increase too. Because the 1B LOHN token to the $ 0.06 ITO value can only cover a $ 60M active request, any $ 60M increase in the value of active requests placed on the platform will cause a proportional increase in the token value LOHN that has to support the platform as a kind of escrow agent.

    This increase, proportional to the platform’s use, was determined by a mathematical calculation materialized in a growth algorithm that includes multiple variables such as the availability of LOHN tokens on the free market or their liquidity.



MkLV – Market LOHN Value ;

ARV   – Active Requests Value

AT      – Available Tokens

ATL    – Available Tokens Liquidity (%)

For example if:

ARV=300 Millions USD

AT   =600 Millions LOHN tokens

ATL =40%


MkLV = ARV/ATxATL=300M/600Mx40%liquidity


     So, the LOHN Token price is always in direct proportion to the market volume of lohncontract.com and growth will be exponential as the project goal is reached and  ROI rate will be in concordance.