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About Liquid8 / LQ8

ICO Start




Liquid8 is a decentralized peer-to-peer multi-functional platform, which enables the global tokenization of assets for exchange and loan between community members. Liquid8 makes real-world assets accessible and affordable to all, by leveraging the unique properties of Blockchain. We’re building a gateway to connect startups, consumers and financial service providers, via a decentralized peer-to-peer ecosystem – and you can be part of the revolution.

Token Info
Token Liquid8 / LQ8
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Tokens for Sale 350,000,000
Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Price in ICO 1 LQ8 = 0.1 USD
Distributed in ICO 50%
Raised Unknown

Timeline / Roadmap


Research, POC, Team, White/Lite/Tech Papers and incorporation in Singapore


TGE, Application for financial services licenses in ASEAN Region Launching (desktop & mobile) Multi-Asset Wallet v.10


Application for financial service licenses in Asia Pacific and Australasia Launching (desktop & mobile) Marketplace for Tokenized Assets, P2P Social Exchange, P2P Instant Exchange (v.10) Multi-Asset Wallet v.20


European Hub Setup: Management, R&D and application for financial services licenses Launching (desktop and mobile) P2P Lending (Collateral Lending) v.10 Marketplace for Tokenized Assets, P2P Social Exchange, P2P Instant Exchange (v.20)


Launching (desktop and mobile) P2P Lending Platform (Collateral with Credit Line) v.10 and v.20 P2P Lending (Collateral Lending) v.20

Team Members

Team Members
Metavee Sukumpeeranont
Co-Founder Chief Executive Officer
Team Members
Michael Lim
Chief Operation Officer
Team Members
Carl Kongka
Co-Founder Chief Technology Officer
Team Members
Jirawan Prempee
Co-Founder Chief Commercial Officer
Team Members
Leong Hon Chan
Co-Founder Chief Investment Officer
Team Members
Sudarat Suttaloon
Co-Founder Chief Research Officer
Team Members
Anthony Georgiades
Technical Development Lead
Team Members
Stanislav Sahniuk
Blockchain Development Lead
Team Members
Sergey Blazhko
Senior Mobile Apps Developer
Team Members
Denys Yakovenko
Front-end developer
Team Members
Mykola Vdovychenko
Legal Advisor
Team Members
Alex Linenko
Tokenization Advisor
Team Members
Rumen Slavchov
PR & Marketing Advisor
Team Members
Andrey Korotkov
ICO Business Analyst
Team Members
Prakash Pandey
ICO Advisor
Team Members
Benoit Thimister
Investment Strategy Advisor
Team Members
Harry Choong
Startup Advisor
Team Members
Alexandre Orfevre
Community Development Advisor
Team Members
Andrey Romanov

About Liquid8

Liquid8 is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer multi-functional platform that aims to revolutionize the digital economy, by bridging the gap between real-world assets and the emerging digital  economy.

Liquid8 will introduce a peer-to-peer digital services platform, where owners of real-world assets: traditional assets and alternative assets, are able to “tokenize” their asset, allowing the asset to be represented by digital tokens within the blockchain ecosystem.

Tokenized assets can then be exchanged and loaned between platform users within Liquid8’s Multi-Asset Wallet, making obtaining financial services and managing tokenized assets and crypto assets simple and convinient.

The Liquid8 platform will revolve around the use of smart contracts. This ensures that assets transacted within the platform can be accurately accounted for, without the need of intermediaries