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Lions share Review 2020 : What is the Lion’s Share Smart Contract
Lions share Smart’s contract business is 100% transparent and decentralized, with a matrix system launching into the block network to gain more ethereal for users.

It is a Forsage-style smart contract business. Imagine being part of a company that can never disappear.

Will it never fail to pay out commissions?
Can you never change the compensation plan?
Does Nevers store your personal information?
Doesn’t it require an administrator or company to manage it?

How does the Lions share smart contract work?

Lions share smart contract is a program that uses the Ethereum smart contract technology, and placed it directly into the block chain!

This platform is self-operating. This means it can never be hacked, or changed.

It is 100% risk free for all Lionshare members

All commissions are paid at Ethereum directly and instantly to all members of the Ethereum portfolio.

Is Lionshare a scam?
Well, if you are familiar with crypto-currency you will realize that any crypto-currency, whether bitcoin or ethereum that is in your portfolio cannot be compromised.

That said, Lionshare is not a scam.

Why is that?

Check out the 15 reasons why I consider Lions share to be a legitimate program. (Next subtitle down)

Crypto-currency in the simplest terms is just a digital currency. You’ve heard of some of them, like Bitcoin, Ethereum.

However, these currencies, unlike their regular currencies (Dollar, Euro, Pounds, Naira, etc.) do not have a control body like the central bank or any other agency that regulates them.

They are decentralized, which means that no one person has control over them and the value of these currencies increases as their demand increases.

So do their regular currencies. Every time people use or buy them, they increase in value.

In addition, the largest crypto currency is Bitcoin which is valued at over $6500. Ethereal is the second largest, $240, and the value of these coins increases as their demand increases. Just like their regular coins.

Every time people use them or buy them, they increase in value. Now there are different ways that someone can benefit from these crypto-currencies and that includes

Buying in bulk
Smart contracts or payment system

I’m not going to go into details about wholesale and other buying because that’s not what I want to talk about. I’m not going to talk about trade or mining either.

I will focus on the smart contract and payment system because that is what my review of Lionshare is all about.

Has the Lions Share smart contract been launched?

Has the Lions Share Smart Contract been launched?
Yes, the Lions share smart contract has been launched, and account registrations are being made here. This is a proof of the Lions share ID 1.

15 reasons why Lionshare isn’t a scam

  • It’s built on the block chain of the Ethereum
  • There’s no administrator involved.
  • It’s 100% decentralized
  • A withdrawal request is not required because payments are automatically transferred to the individual portfolio directly.
  • Instant member-to-member payment directly to your portfolio through a smart contract
  • It’s impossible to hack
  • Impossible to swindle
  • No increase at all
  • With only 0.045 ETH (10 to 11 dollars) starting cost at once.
  • This is not MLM and is not a PH/GH type platform
  • Multi-level earnings are paid directly to your ethereum portfolio by smart contract
  • It’s a binary level gain system.
  • Withdraw to the local bank at any time, without limitations
  • It’s a 100% open source smart contract system.

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