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Linode is United States-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Cloud Hosting. Their servers are placed in next locations: Newark, Atlanta, Dallas, Fremont, Frankfurt am Main, London, Singapore, Tokyo, Mumbai, Toronto, Sydney. 68% of user reviews who used Linode are positive.

A support experience above the rest
People choose Linode because they demand a better customer support experience. Other cloud providers deprioritize support in pursuit of lowering costs and maximizing revenues. Linode’s independence and mission drive us to a different standard, where the customer is the driving force behind everything we do.

Pay as you go, predictable, and transparent pricing
At Linode, we pioneered the predictable flat pricing model for cloud computing.  Imagine: No more anxiety over hidden costs and opaque pricing calculations that show up in your monthly bill.  Our promise to you is to make pricing easy to budget for and understand.

Proven, secure, and reliable enterprise-grade infrastructure
With 11 data centers worldwide, extensive peering relationships, and our Next Generation Network (NGN), Linode delivers the modern infrastructure and performance you need to innovate at scale.

Accelerating customer innovation
See what customers are building on Linode.  Craft of Code is a collection of developer stories from around the world showcasing Linode customer projects and the human stories behind them.

SERVER LOCATIONS: Newark,  Atlanta,  Dallas,  Fremont,  Frankfurt am Main,  London,  Singapore,  Tokyo,  Mumbai , Toronto,  Sydney

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